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Certificate in Human Nutrition

Certificate in Human Nutrition
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Nationally Recognised Qualifications


Health Academy Australia offers affordable online courses in Nutrition, Natural Health, Counselling, Psychology, Medical Terminology, Health and Fitness and Biological Sciences. We are recognised and accredited by IARC and IICT and have articulations with various recognised organisations. The courses are in an easy follow format and are done completely online via distance so you can study while you work or from home. We pride in our excellent tutor support as well as student support. If you are looking for a Career Change, Career enhancement, Professional Development courses or to Upskill you have come to the right place. The counselling short courses get prior learning credits into the Nationally Recognised Diploma in Counselling. The Nutrition and Biology Courses get prior learning credits into the Nationally recognised Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine.


Our sister Training Organisation Health Courses Australia (RTO # 32412) is a Registered Training Organisation under the Australian Quality Skills Authority (ASQA) and offers Nationally Recognised Qualifications in Health. See our registration details on and audit report at this link report.pdf.


Courses offered through both our organisations go through strict audits by both the government, industry groups, Accreditation bodies and independent industry experts to ensure that the quality is maintained. Students who complete their qualifications with us can be assured that they are ready for the work place and are confident to secure that dream job. So whether you want to work for someone or work for yourself our courses will prepare you with all that is required to stand out of the crowd. All nationally recognised courses are indicated as nationally recognised in the course outline. If they are not indicated they are not nationally recognised.

Get an understanding of what it is like to work as a counsellor! An invaluable video by our tutor Justine Boss. Just one more example of the fantastic resources you will receive!


Nationally Recognised Qualifications

Career Focussed Courses

Certifcate III in Dental Assisting 

Diploma in Counselling 

Certificate 3 in Aged Care 

Certificate 4 in Aged Care 


Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Counselling 

Certified Weight Loss Consultant 

Foundation Diploma In Natural Health 

Medical Terminology Course 

Certificate in Youth Counselling 

Advanced Certificate in Counselling 

Certificate in Psychology 

Certificate In Human Biology 

Certificate in Human Nutrition 

Certificate in Counselling 

Child Psychology 

Weightloss Consultant Course 

Nutrition for Weightloss 

Human Biology 1A Anatomy and Physiology 

Children's Nutrition 

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Courses List


Nutrition Courses

Biology Courses Fitness Courses

Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Counselling

Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine

Certificate in Human Nutrition

Certified Weightloss Consultant

Children's Nutrition

Foundation Diploma In Natural Health

Human Nutrition II

Human Nutrition III

Introduction to Nutrition

Nutrition for Disease Management Course

Nutrition for Weight Loss Course

Sports Nutrition

Weight loss Consultant Course


Biochemistry II

Biochemistry III

Cell Biology Course

Certificate in Biochemistry

Certificate In Human Biology

Human Biology 1 - Anatomy and Physiology


Psychology EBooks

Counselling Handbook

How Children Think

Psychological Profiling

Psychology Dictionary

The Environment of Play


Advanced Aerobics

Aqua Fitness

Certificate IV in Sports Therapy

Master Fitness Trainer - Fully accredited

Personal Fitness Course



Nutrition Ebooks

Aerobic Fitness 2nd Edition

Aqua Fitness 2nd Edition

Human Nutrition

Nutritional Therapy




Allied Health Courses

Counselling Courses

Psychology Courses

Advocate for Clients CHCAD401D

Assist Clients With Medication CHCCS305C

Assist with Administration in Dental Practice HLTDA306D

Assist with Dental Radiography HLTDA304D

Certificate III in Dental Assisting

Communicate and Work Effectively in Health HLTHIR301C

Comply With Infection Control Policies and Procedures HLTIN301C

Contribute to Effective Workplace Relationships BSBFLM303C

Contribute to WHS

Coordinate information systems CHCINF403C

Deliver and Monitor a Service to Customers

Facilitate links with other services

Interpret and Apply Medical Terminology

Medical Receptionist Certification

Medical Terminology Course

Participate in WHS Processes HLTOHS200A

Perform Microscopic Examination MSL973007A

Prepare For and Assist with Oral Health Care Procedures HLTDA303

Supervise work CHCORG406A


Apply Counselling Therapies to Address a Range of Client Issues

Apply Learning Theories in Counselling

Apply Legal and Ethical Responsibilities in Counselling Practice

Apply Personality and Development Theories CHCCSL504A

Apply Specialist Interpersonal and Counselling Interview Skills

Assess and respond to individuals at risk of suicide CHCCS521A

Conduct individual assessment CHCICS403A

Counsel clients affected by domestic and family violence CHCDFV505C

Determine Suitability of Client for Counselling

Develop, Facilitate and Monitor all Aspects of Case Management

Diploma In Counselling CHC51712

Facilitate the Counselling Relationship

Participate in the implementation of individualised plans CHCICS302B

Provide Support and Care Relating to Loss and Grief CHCCS426A

Recognise and Respond to Individuals at Risk

Reflect & Improve on Counselling Skills

Support Clients in the Decision Making

Support individual health and emotional well being CHCICS303A

Work Effectively with Culturally Diverse Clients and Co-workers

Work Effectively with Relationship Issues

Work with a Child Focused Approach

Work Within a Structured Counselling Framework CHCCSL501A

Abnormal Psychology

Adolescent Psychology

Advanced Certificate in Counselling

Aged Care Counselling

Anger Management Course

Associate Diploma in Psychology

Biopsychology Course

Biopsychology II

Careers Counselling

Certificate in Counselling

Certificate in Psychology

Certificate in Youth Counselling

Child Psychology

Conflict Management Course

Counselling Skills I

Counselling Skills II

Counselling Techniques

Criminal Psychology Course

Crisis Counselling

Developmental Psychology

Educational Psychology

Grief Counselling

Introduction to Psychology

Life Coaching

Marketing Psychology


Professional Practice in Counselling

Psychological Assessment

Psychology & Counselling

Psychopharmacology (Drugs and Psychology)

Relationship Communications

Social Psychology

Sports Psychology Course

Stress Management



Recognised & Accredited Courses


  iarc Ethical Education international instittute for complementary thrapists





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Debbie – Weightloss Consultant Course

“Thanks a lot for your feedback, really appreciate it. I'm really enjoying doing this course, I'm learning so much from it and I'm implementing what I learn into my lifestyle as well.”


Santha- Certificate III in Aged Care

"Thank you so much Dianne.... You inspired me to give my best, and thats how come I understand this chapter."


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