The advancing of technology is so rapid school goers today have the unique position of preparing themselves for jobs which might not even exist today.

While we cannot prepare for everything, for potential roles there are ways you can prepare so you are equipped with the needed knowledge to smoothly transit into the future.

1. Bot lobbiest

A bot lobbiest will create fake social media accounts to aid in promoting a client’s business and marketing efforts.

How to prepare: Constantly staying updated with social media trends, tools, apps and programs will get you ready if this is something you might want to do in the future.

2. Future currency speculator

The growing virtual currency market will certainly need experts, one of which will be the future currency speculator.

3. Productivity counselors

These counselors will give advice on everything from wellness to time management, in order to enable workers to prove their value to employers.

How to prepare: This job is a future version of your life coach or counsellor/career counsellor. So If you are into this get into one of these careers and you could have this as a potential career option.

4. Microbial balancer

As concerns over dangerous bacterial agents increase and new forms of bacteria are discovered, trained balancers will be needed to assess their microbial composition.

How to prepare: Doing a degree in microbiology in university could lead to a career in research which could lead to this role.

5. Meme agent

We have agents for celebrities of every other kind, so in the future, even stars of internet memes will have representation.

6. Big data doctor

Big data already has a growing influence in many industries, and health care could be next, with a new class of MDs who treat based on a patient’s biographic profile and personal data.

This should be a smooth transition.

7. Crowdfunding specialist

With the popularity of crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, there’s a growing need for expert advisers to help fundraisers promote their causes.

How to prepare: I can see lawyers specialized in charity organizations take on these roles.

8. Jobs of the future specialist/recruiter

The quickly changing job market isn’t going to slow down anytime soon, so a professional specializing in careers of the future will have tremendous value to job seekers.

How to prepare: Career consultants who start to think outside of the box will hit it off in this industry, there will be exciting opportunities for people who can think futuristically. It could be developing apps, software or websites which help in this area.

9. Disorganizer/corporate disruptor

A corporate disruptor will be called upon to shake things up at businesses whose systems and processes have gone stale.

How to prepare: This role will be a transition from the current business coaches.

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10. 3D printing expert

3D printing is already making waves and trained professionals are in demand, It is predicted as having a huge future and is still in it’s early phases. There will be different levels of experts required in this field and it has the potential of becoming an huge industry of its own.

How to prepare: Students can already study 3D printing and become technicians or work in the manufacturing of the machinery. This is an industry to keep a close eye on!