Did you know trunk-like pseudo-stems or false stem and stalks of banana plants are used to weave fabric, construct fishing lines and also to make soles for shoes? It might be one of the cheapest fruits available across the globe.However, bananas of Australia are an exception. 85% of bananas are grown in the cyclone prone areas of Australia, making them a luxury item and banana prices are affected by the weather conditions that year.

Here are 9 reasons why your fruit basket should always have this wonder fruit:

Vegan and fast food: If you’re a vegan, banana becomes a must as it is a great source of vitamin B6. Almost all the vitamin B6 comes from animal proteins. This type of vitamin is important for adult women. Hence, one must include a banana in the daily diet. Along with dietary fiber, banana contains natural sugars like glucose, fructose and sucrose, which provide a quick and stable source of energy and is perfect as a pre workout food.

Always available: The perennial plant – banana does not have a season. Grown in tropical regions, the production of this fruit is 105 million tonnes every year.

Nature’s power bar: Want to get the most of your work out session? Grab a banana – it’s rich in potassium, which prevents nerve and muscle cramps and also maintains low blood sugar. In fact, the potassium in a banana keeps mental faculties sharp and also boosts learning abilities.

I swear by this yummy non diary, non fat slushie for a post workout drink. It will fill you up, satisfy your sugar cravings and also tastes super yummy. Try it.

Banana Mango Slushie

1 ripe Banana

10 cubes frozen mango

Protein powder vanilla flavor (your favorite brand)

8 Ice cubes

Put them all in a blender just with enough water and blend till all the ice is completely blended. Pour into a tall glass and enjoy!

Trick your sweet tooth: Your diet plan doesn’t allow you to indulge your sweet tooth? Go for a banana as it helps tame the cravings Dish up a banana pudding or a healthy banana cake. Or the fruit by itself is just enough.

Easiest sorbet ever – Banana sorbet

Freeze a ripe/overripe banana and blend the frozen banana in a food processer, scoop it into a bowl and enjoy! You will be amazed how yummy it is!

Easy digestion: This fruit is easy to digest. Banana is packed with electrolytes, which gets depleted if you are suffering from tummy troubles. So whenever you suffer from vomiting, nausea or constipation, you know what to eat.

Fruit or wonder drug: Did you know banana doesn’t grow on a tree? But, on the world’s biggest herb, Musa sapientium, which is a relative of the orchid family! Plump and yellow is the banana and takes a lot of imagination to link it to such delicate flowers. In fact, these flowers contain honey, which is used to treat diabetes, ulcers, bronchitis and dysentery. It’s useful to prevent cancer and reduce high blood pressure. Moreover, its peel and pulp can be used to treat fungal infections in plants. Versatile banana leaves are not edible, but used to wrap food while cooking. They also make the best eco-friendly plates! Eating on a banana leaf is also said to have health benefits. Whether its flowers, sap, leaves, stem or peels, all parts of banana plant have important applications in medicine and industry.

Myth buster: Most people think banana is fattening, however it helps in keeping your body in great shape and good health.

Natural moisturizer: The vitamin A in this fruit helps restore the lost moisture of your skin. Make a nourishing face mask with half a ripe banana, ½ tsp pure organic turmeric and ½ tsp honey.