Do you know that your body has different colours of fats?

Scientists have distinguished both white and brown fat.

Activating brown fat is the latest popular trend for weight management. It is often called “good” fat.

“Every cell of our body has mitochondria, it is known as a heat generating engine. Brown fat has mitochondria in a large number, so if your body generates more heat you will burn more fat,”.

Brown fat vs. White fat

“We all know that our body has three types of fats in our body – visceral fat, subcutaneous fat and triglycerides. These are broadly known as white fat,”.

White fat is what you’ve likely known about your whole life.

Too much white fat isn’t good for health as it leads to obesity, a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other diseases.

Brown fat has plentiful mitochondria, which is how it gets its colour.

It is an incredible mechanism that “brown fat is often found much in babies or infants as they need energy and need to heat the body to avoid sudden death of babies. Brown fat does both. Brown fat gives energy and heats our body. ”

Adults have small supplies of brown fat. It’s typically stored around the shoulders and neck.

How to have brown fat

The simple answer, “Exercise and eat well”.

To generate more brown fat, regular exercise is highly advisable, and it is also essential to follow a well-balanced diet made up of whole foods.

Sleep is another vital element to get brown fat.

“You might have observed that kids sleep for longer hours…and when you sleep your system, your hormone, your melatonin function is correct, then your body can store more brown fat,”.

So generally speaking if the brown fat in the body is increased it results in more health and vitality and the best way to do it by regularly exercising and making conscious healthy eating choices.

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Courtesy: SBS

Image Courtesy : Berkeley