We get the question many times in regards to what career options/outcomes each of our courses have on completion and what the differences are between these and nationally recognised courses in Nutrition.

So in this article we would like to provide some clarification in regards to these questions.

  1. What Career outcomes do Health Academy Australia courses provide?

See below what you are able to call yourself and get covered by insurance to consult for each of the individual qualifications.

Certificate in Human Nutrition = You will be covered to consult in Nutrition, Titles: Nutrition Coach or Nutrition Advisor

Certified Weight loss Consultant = Weight loss Consultant

Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Counselling = You will be covered to consult in Dietary Consultant (Nutritional Counselling) – Titles: Nutritional Counsellor, Dietary Consultant, Nutrition Coach, Nutrition Advisor.

Certificate in Naturopathy = Natural Health Consultant (Level 1)

Advanced certificate of Naturopathy – Natural Health Consultant (Level 2) Titles: Natural Health Consultant, Wellness coach, Health and Wellness Coach, Natural therapist

Foundation Diploma in Natural Health = You will be covered to consult as Nutritional Therapist or Natural Health Consultant (Level 3) or both, Titles: Nutritional Therapist, Nutritional Consultant, Natural Health Consultant

Certificate in Food CoachingFood and health coach, Titles – Food Coach, Health Coach


  1. Difference between Industry recognised courses and Nationally recognised courses in Nutrition.

The rules for courses in Nutrition and Naturopathy have changed in the past 3 years. Now a bachelor degree is mandatory with health funds and bodies like ATMS, NSA to get registered with them and any vocational qualifications are not enough to get membership. So whether you do a nationally recognised qualification in Nutrition (there are only a couple and not well structured) or you do a qualification which is not nationally recognised the outcome is exactly the same.

The only difference would be if you are looking for funding from centrelink to study, then you will have to enrol in a nationally recognised qualification.

Otherwise Health Academy Courses will give you the knowledge, outcomes and insurance required to work in the industry at this level.

2. So what is the way to go if you want to get a Bachelor degree so you can take your career to the next level?

As we are constantly looking for ways to ensure our students have the best options we have worked closely with Endeavor college of Natural Health and created a pathway from Health Academy Courses into the Bachelor in Health Sciences (Nutrition, Naturopathy, Complementary Medicine, Myotherapy and Acupuncture). The Foundation Diploma in Natural Health is a great course if you are considering this pathway.

The pathway means that if you do our higher qualifications you will get substantial credits into the Bachelor degree which nearly pays for your course with us. So it is a win-win for our students who don’t want to commit to a Bachelor degree however would like to enter the industry and work in it before making that major decision.

Hope this clears up most of the questions you might have. Feel free to call us on 07 5689 1500 or email us on admin@healthcourses.com.au anytime if there is something specific you would like to ask us.