Careers in Nutrition and Naturopathy – Facts, Health Academy courses

We get the question many times in regards to what career options/outcomes each of our courses have on completion and what the differences are between these and nationally recognised courses in Nutrition. So in this article we would like to provide some clarification in regards to these questions.

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Magnesium – A vital mineral

Did you know that Magnesium is one of the body’s most vital minerals and controls over 300 chemical reactions and processes in the body?  It is necessary for protein synthesis, muscle and nerve functioning, bone development, energy production, the maintenance of normal heart rhythm and blood pressure, healthy immune system and the regulation of glucose.  Low magnesium intake can lead to illnesses such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and migraines.   

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Diabetes – Causes, types and management

It is Diabetes week this week, 10-16 July.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder. This means that there is a problem with the way the body uses digested food. To explain what diabetes is, we must first consider what happens in normal metabolism.

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Bananas – Nature’s wonder food

Did you know trunk-like pseudo-stems or false stem and stalks of banana plants are used to weave fabric, construct fishing lines and also to make soles for shoes? It might be one of the cheapest fruits available across the globe.However, bananas of Australia are an exception. 85% of bananas are grown in the cyclone prone areas of Australia, making them a luxury item and banana prices are affected by the weather conditions that year. 

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