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Course Outline:

Whilst we tend to construe anger as a bad thing, anger involves both positive and negative aspects. The negative aspects are all too familiar i.e., your thinking becomes clouded, you may become overly defensive, and you might act on your anger in a violent or aggressive way. The positive aspects which are often overlooked are that we often express our feelings when we otherwise might repress them, we have heightened energy levels due to physiological arousal, and we can often solve problems and take control whilst we are in this elevated state. The idea behind anger management is not to remove all anger, but to manage it by channelling it into the positive aspects and away from the negative aspects. If anger is expressed in acceptable and appropriate ways, then it can be productive rather than destructive.

We all experience anger, though some people might be considered worse tempered than others. Given that anger is a strong emotion, it can become too strong and over-bearing. When this happens, people may over-react. At such times it is possible to draw other people in and so the anger escalates.

There are many anger management techniques ranging from relaxation exercises to changing thought patterns, learning how to communicate better to reducing stress levels.

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The Course Covers the Below Topics:

Nature and Scope of Anger

Managing Anger with Counselling

Managing Anger with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Anger Management Techniques for Violence

Anger Management for People with Mental Health Issues

Managing Anger in Children and Adolescents

Anger Management for People with Special Difficulties

Anger Management Services

Deciding on a Course of Action

Learning Outcome:

Discuss the nature and scope of anger including psychological and physiological manifestations.

Explain the biological, social and psychological causes of anger and the strategies used by counsellors to deal with the underlying causes in an effort to diffuse the build-up of anger in people

Explain how anger problems can be addressed through the application of cognitive behavioural counselling

Discuss anger management techniques to diffuse violent outbursts and manage violence

Consider anger management issues for people with specific mental health issues.

Explain the causes of anger in children and adolescents and review a wide range of techniques for addressing those issues.

Determine the nature and scope of anger management services in society.

Identify ways to support clients seeking anger management services

Evaluate a situation where anger is becoming a problem and determine an appropriate course to follow in response to the problem.

Career Options:

Successful completion of this course will complement the below careers:

  • Counsellor
  • Psychologist
  • Community Services
  • Human Resource Management
  • Business Manager
  • Retail Staff/Manager

This is also an excellent course for personal development or self enhancement and could be used to form or maintain good relationships.

Course Duration:

100 hours of Study

Tutor Support and Assessments

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This course has approximately 8-10 assignments and 1 exam to complete the course successfully. You can opt out of the exam and receive a Certificate of Participation.

Pathways and Credits:

This course will receive credits towards some of our higher qualifications.

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