Product Description

Course Outline:

This is an Online E learning course on Back care. Back problems are becoming more and more common due to work on computers, bad posture or lifestyle. The course is self directed with no tutor support, however if you would like the course with expert tutor support and receive a Certificate of completion in the Back Care course, you can do so for additional fees. Please contact us if interested on and we can advice.

The Course covers the below topics

There are 9 lessons in this course:

  1. Patterns, Causes, and Effects of Back Problems
  2. Back Anatomy and Physiology
  3. Preventing Back Injuries
  4. Types of Back Injury
  5. Assessment and Screening
  6. Professional Treatments
  7. Surgical and Pharmaceutical Treatments
  8. Back Health Maintenance
  9. Rehabilitation

Course Outcome:

  • Discuss back health and the scope and nature of what causes back problems including pain.
  • Describe the physical biology of the spine, vertebrae and both muscular & neurological tissues in the human back and related parts of the body.
  • Determine actions an individual should take to better manage back health.
  • Explain the most frequent types of back injury.
  • Identify information required to make assessment of a client’s back health. Determine a suitable way of assessing safe and appropriate activity levels for the individual relative to the condition of their back.
  • Explain the scope and nature of treatments carried out by back care professionals.
  • Evaluate optional medical responses to persistent back health issues including pharmaceuticals and surgery.
  • Plan a maintenance response appropriate to an individual, giving informed advice to a client within the legal and ethical limits of your knowledge and experience.
  • Explain the rehabilitation process after a back injury or any other back problem.

Career Options:

This is an excellent course which helps you look after your back well. It is also a good course if you work in Health and safety, complementary therapies, physiotherapy, acupuncture and allied health.

Course Duration:

100 hours of Study

How to apply to enrol:

  1. Enrol online by clicking the enrol now button
  2. Click on Enquire now and send an enquiry and request for an enrolment form to fill and send
  3. Call us on 07 5689 1500 to enrol on the phone.

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