Product Description

This book examines what addiction is, the physical and emotional effects of substance related disorders, and the different treatments available to help a person to control their disorder.

Any addiction is of serious concern. No-one begins to take drugs or drink too much with the intention of becoming addicted or to develop serious health problems.  But prolonged drug or alcohol use can have a serious impact upon a person’s health, both physically and psychologically.  Addiction can undermine and even destroy interpersonal relationships and family networks. It can destroy careers and have a deleterious effect upon a person’s wealth. If a person becomes addicted to drugs and alcohol, then drug and addiction counselling is often required to help them overcome their addiction because the impulse to continue using is so strong.  

Many people from different walks of life develop substance related disorders. There is no particular stereotype, although some people may be more likely to develop a disorder than others. If substance use becomes problematic there are typical characteristics of the behaviour:

  • There is an overpowering urge to take the substance
  • There is a problem with controlling use
  • There are other difficulties relating to the use of the substance


Chapter 1 drug and addiction counselling
Chapter 2 types addiction
Chapter 3 addictions & comorbidity
Chapter 4 alcohol use and dependence
Chapter 5 counselling the individual with alcohol related problems
Chapter 6 substance abuse and dependence
Chapter 7 counselling the individual with substance related problems
Chapter 8 counselling for addictive behaviours
Chapter 9 the healthcare team support networks and specific groups