Product Description

Farming is rapidly changing. Mechanisation and computerisation are just two things which are having a great impact upon the way farms are managed. As new technologies develop and world economies merge; the new global community impacts increasingly upon the farmer.

It is still very feasible to operate a successful and profitable farm in technologically advanced countries; but only if the right choices are made, proper planning is practiced and good management is adhered to.

This book is designed to provide an up-to-date, broad and balanced perspective on farm management.

For anyone who is relatively new to agriculture or farming, it will develop an appreciation of the scope and nature of
managing a farm, small or large.

For established farmers it is a useful way to refresh and update trends and techniques.


1. Scope and nature of the farm industry

2. The farm site

3. Production systems

4. Managing livestock

5. Managing pasture

6. Managing crops

7. Managing equipment and materials

8. Computer applications

9. Farm structures and buildings

10. Financial management

11. Marketing

12. Farm planning

13. Staff management

14. Water management

15. Diversification