Product Description

This book brings together a collection of articles on Garden Design written by John Mason over several decades of visiting and photographing gardens, writing and teaching; and creating gardens.
The first volume (part 1) provides a strong foundation for garden design. 
Over time, it is planned to continue adding further volumes, to expand on the ideas presented in this first volume; building your knowledge of landscape design and providing more ideas and inspiration.


Part One.  Garden Design
Chapter 1    Introduction to Garden Design
Chapter 2    Appropriateness of Garden Design
Chapter 3    Creating an Impact
Chapter 4    Designing to a Budget
Chapter 5    Choosing Plants

Part Two.  Functionality in the Landscape
Chapter 6    Using the Garden
Chapter 7    Where the Garden Meets the House
Chapter 8    Making the Winter Garden More Comfortable
Chapter 9    Gardens for Children
Chapter 10   The Secure Home and Garden
Chapter 11   Lighting a Garden
Chapter 12   Dealing with Shade

Part Three.  Aesthetics
Chapter 13   Garden Art
Chapter 14   Pots & Planters
Chapter 15   Colour in the Garden
Chapter 16   Applications for Colour
Chapter 17   Garden Furniture