Product Description

This is Part 2 of the Garden Design Series.


There are two main parts to this book.

The first part looks at Parts of the Landscape (Parts of a Whole)

Chapter 18   Surfacing Ideas  (Chapters contine on from first volume -Garden Design Part 1)

Chapter 19   Garden Arches, Pergolas & Pavilions

Chapter 20   Dealing with Confined Spaces

Chapter 21   Water Gardens

Chapter 22   Using Plants in the Garden

The second part looks at different Themes or Garden Styles

Chapter 23   Formal Gardens

Chapter 24   Natural Gardens

Chapter 25   Rainforest Gardens

Chapter 26   Coastal Gardens

Chapter 27  Cottage Gardens

Chapter 28  Late Victorian/Edwardian Style

Chapter 29  Oriental Gardens

Chapter 30  Mediterranean Gardens

Chapter 31  Mexican Style

Chapter 32  Minimalist Landscape Design

Chapter 33  Eclectic Gardens