Product Description

“Maintaining Your Awareness” is the single most important strategy you must pursue.
If you don’t know what is changing in the marketplace; your success is vulnerable.

There are many different theories, tactics and tricks used by marketing professionals to gain the attention of the public.  “The public”, however, are not a unified whole – a bunch of people who just sit around waiting to be sold to.  The public can be divided into as many different categories, age and interest groups as you care to do so.  You can narrow your target market down using categories such as:

  • geographic location
  • age bracket
  • gender
  • interests
  • political persuasion
  • how they spend their time etc.

Their technology adaption behaviour can be reasonably well divided into five main categories:

  • Innovators
  • Early Adaptors
  • Early Majority
  • Late Majority
  • Laggards

These categories, devised by Everett M. Rogers in his work on the “Diffusion of Innovations”, are often presented in a bell curve illustration with the majority of people falling into the middle two categories – the early and late majority. 

In terms of marketing, particularly if you are introducing a new product, you want to tap into the innovators and early adaptors – people who embrace new products and create “buzz”.  These people are “idea pollinators”; who naturally spread the word from one place to another.

Before devising your marketing strategy and target market, however, you have to find out what people want.



Chapter 1  Dealing with the Modern World
Staying up to date
Learn from history

Chapter 2  How to Get Noticed
Be seen in 3 different places

Chapter 3  Changing in Retailing
Online selling
Virtual services
Phone ordering
Buying in bulk
Trading goods and services
Organisational selling

Chapter 4  Using the Internet
Websites, apps, social media
Mobile friendly sites
Social Media
Blogs, ezines, ebooks
Data collection

Chapter 5  Using Social Media
Current social media apps
What is possible
Things you must do
Examples of tricks of the trade

Chapter 6  Writing that Works
Words that sell
Social Media
E books

Chapter 7  People who work in Marketing
careers in Marketing
What is needed to be a successful marketer

Chapter 8
Marketing Terminology