Product Description


A small garden often poses a greater challenge to the gardener than a large one.  Faced with limited space, it can be difficult to now what to plant and how to make sure that your plants grow well.


Good advice and careful planning is essential.  The wrong tree or shrub can result in broken drains or damaged foundations.  A tree that grows too large can block sunlight, compromise views and irritate neighbours.  A plant that thrives in a more open space might require quite different treatment in a small setting.  Landscaping decisions can make a difference between a cramped hard-to-maintain garden and one that is welcoming in every season.

Inside you will find:

  • tips on landscaping to help make the most of a small area
  • methods of culture best suited to small gardens
  • an inspirational directory of hundreds of trees and shrubs suited to cultivation in small areas.
  • over 100 colour photographs of suitable species and successful courtyard,
  • small garden and balcony plantings

This book is an essential guide for any gardener who wants to make the most of a small garden, balcony, verandah or courtyard.