Spring is a Season for New Hope, New Aspirations and New Beginnings

As the nature unfolds into a burst of colour and warm sunshine we feel the energy wake up within ourselves to do something productive.

Here are some springtime ideas for you which you can simply do at home to bring that spring back into your step after the difficult time in recent lockdowns.

Plant a Veggie Patch

The thrill and satisfaction of growing your own veggies and greens is extremely rewarding, it not only gives tastier and fresher food to eat but also releases endorphins which makes you happier, if your crop is surplus you can even share them with friends and family.

Get into a Fitness Routine

Summer is time to get in the pool or go to the beach, shock horrors that means you have to get into some kind of swimmers. To feel confident to dust those swimmers off and put them on, it is a good idea to start a fitness routine. It could be some group fitness classes like Zumba, Yoga or Pilates or a good old walk on the beach or park. You can also sign up for classes which let you go just for 10 classes without need for any gym memberships.


Spruce Up Your Garden with some Colour

Either you live in a big property or a small apartment there are always ways to have some colourful plants around. The joy of seeing colourful flowers everyday which you have tended with your own hands is just immeasurable.

Plan a Mini Makeover of your Home to Make it Brighter

You don’t have to spend a fortune to do this, just changing the soft furnishings or pictures on the walls, or even the layout of furniture makes a difference. You get a lot of homewares at cheap prices at Kmart or similar stores which you can have fun with. This will be a good way to not only spring clean your home but also get it ready for those Christmas parties or family get togethers in summer while having some fun.



Make Some Homemade Goodies

These need not be just food, you can also try to make your own scrubs, body creams, herbal tea mixes or anything else which is of interest to you.

Natural Body Scrub Recipe
½ cup chick peas
10 almonds
Orange peel from half an orange dried
A spoonful of lemon rind
1 tablespoon Rice
1 teaspoon Turmeric
2 spoons dry rose petals
Couple of drops of lavender essential oilMethod
1. Place all ingredients in a coffee grinder and grind them into a smooth powder.
2. When you want to use it, add enough water to the scrub to make a paste and apply it all over your body and scrub. Wash off in the shower.

Do an Online Short Course!

If you have interest in Nutrition or Alternative health do a foundation course to either enhance your knowledge or use it as a spring board for a new career.