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In order to help our students who are needing to apply for a new position, I thought that I would follow up by showing you an effective way to address Selection Criteria using your transcripts and short course knowledge to strengthen your application.

Here is an example of one selection criteria for a Resource Officer that I pulled off jobs.gov

 last night.

Note that in this one selection criteria, they are actually asking you to respond to three aspects of communication. So here is how we would break this down in a response using your transcripts and short courses.

Selection Criteria (I). Well developed written and interpersonal communication skills including demonstrated ability to communicate effectively and sensitively with a range of stakeholders including those from diverse backgrounds.

Overall statement

E.g. I have a strong desire to work with persons who are in need or at risk, using the skills, knowledge and abilities I have attained through my experience and formal qualifications including The Diploma of Counselling and various psychology courses. These in depth learning experiences have given me the ability to build a strong rapport with clients and all extended stakeholders. I suggest I have the personality type, skills, abilities and experience to meet this criterion as follows:

First part

Written communication skills

In preparing written emails, records and reports, I endeavour to ensure they are not subjective and clearly describe the facts of the situation, as I have observed them. I am practiced in a non-judgemental approach using unconditional positive regard for all persons.

(here you would describe your experience and any good outcomes you have achieved in the past. For instance:

I have received many favourable comments from my past employers and other stake holders, such as teachers, for the standard of reports I prepare and the manner in which I communicate and negotiate with others in very delicate and sensitive situations)

Additionally, I have completed the following in-depth accredited units of study which directly speak to my demonstrated competency in communicating legally and ethically.

CHCLEG001: This course has given me a broad and comprehensive understanding of ethical practice and legal frameworks which ensure that my organisation and myself are shown to be following best professional practice at all times.

CHCCSMOO5: This unit focuses on the development, facilitation and review practices in all aspects of written and applied case management.

Interpersonal communication skills:

I believe my interpersonal communication skills are of a high level and would be an attribute in assisting me to undertake the duties of Resource Officer. Communication skills have been a major part of all the various positions that I have held and the studies I have undertaken. In addition, I have completed many therapies and formal assessments required for the granting of The Accredited Diploma of Counselling and psychology communication courses with Health Courses Australia and Health Academy Australia. I have received very favourable comments on the high standard of my work in this area. Additionally, my formal studies have assessed me as having demonstratable competency in the use of many therapeutic modalities using a strength-based framework.

(here you would document your experience in prior roles and any great outcomes that you have achieved)

Ability to communicate effectively and sensitively with a range of stakeholders including those from diverse backgrounds:

(here you would document your experience in prior roles and any great outcomes that you have achieved) E.G

In all the positions that I have held I have liased and built strong rapports with various organizations and government agencies. These include schools (both public and private) The Family Law Court and organizations such as the Brisbane Ethnic Centre and the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations and their key personal. I feel that I am skilled and genuine in this area and can evidence many notes and emails from organisations congratulating me on my high standard of operation and my abilities to meet their needs and gain good outcomes for clients.

Furthermore, I have increased my understanding and abilities in this area by completing the following large units which have further enhanced my ability to communicate effectively and sensitively with all stakeholders including those from diverse backgrounds:

CHCDIV002, CHCDIV003, and CHCDIVOO2: these courses focus on working with diverse people, promoting and managing diversity and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural safety.

BTW I have been told by client that there is a current recruitment drive for correctional officers. These are government positions and many of you would easily address the role specifications.

If interested go to smartjobs.goldgov.au

Leonie Schilling