1. Research and Decide

A change of career is an important decision, A decision which you have to make informed. You want to love the work you do, after all you spend 1/3rd of your life working so it is important a change is a positive one and the one you love. If you are passionate about what you do the chances of success are also high.

Some things to consider before ditching your job and setting up shop be it be in consulting, retail or hospitality is the work hours, investment and teams. Would you like your hours to be flexible or are you happy to work after hours, do you need to fit it all in school hours? Do you have enough savings to ditch the job and make a fresh start or do you need the income while your new passion is still establishing itself? Do you want to work with a team or are you better working on your own? What other skill sets do you need?

There are many things to consider.

One way to research is to talk to career consultants, education consultants and also people already working in the industry you are considering.

2. Get your finances in order

It is important to ensure that you have finances to back up on your plan. Unless you have substantial savings it is best to keep working while you upskill or re-skill yourself for your career change. There are many online courses which you can do while working. Ensure also that you have enough investment organised either with a bank loan or loan from loved ones or savings so you give yourself time to stabilize in your new career or business. If the finances are not sorted there will too much pressure to succeed in the first few months which makes the process very stressful and could set you up for failure.

3. Work towards your strengths

Working with your strengths always gives you a better chance at success. Firstly identify your strengths, if you are great organiser and communicator you will be good at management. If you are patient listener and have a natural empathy towards people you will be good in the roles of  a counselor, aged care carer, coach etc. If you are passionate about healthy eating, fitness and Natural health and also are a great motivator then a career in Nutrition, Wellness and Naturopathy might suit you well. So before you make a decision identify what you are good at and follow that path and success will naturally follow.

4. Study Further

The best way to change careers is undertake a course which will give you the skills, knowledge and confidence to work in what you are passionate about. Just having an interest or some knowledge is not enough to make a career change. There are many short courses which you can also take before taking the leap, so you know you are seriously interested and love the path you are about to embark in. At Health Academy we offer many 100 hours to 300-hour courses which are tailored for just this purpose. These are comprehensive courses which give you a complete taste for the subject but are short enough so you can commit time and money to them without feeling it is a waste of time in case you decide this option is not for you.

Good luck! Remember we are always here to help you by giving the right advice. Just call us or email us to chat to us and we will be happy to direct you in the right direction.