Many of our students have forged excellent careers for themselves. Some of them have also thought outside the box and explored areas or different ways in which they can offer their services. Here are some of their stories.


Jacqueline, has completed the Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Counselling and has started a career in Nutrition Consulting. She uses mostly online approach to her consulting, targeting clients living in remote and rural areas. She develops a rapport with her clients by constantly checking on their progress and coaching them towards better healthy food choices and lifestyle. She uses zoom for her consults. She finds that this is a much safer and accessible style of consulting during Covid times with constant lockdowns and restrictions on travel. Her business has done extremely well in the past 1 year.


Christine has completed the Advanced Certificate in Naturopathy and now works as a Natural Health Consultant and also sells health food products. She tailors her consulting around the needs of her clients and helps them not just by addressing their concerns but also giving them alternative choices of treatment like herbal remedies, homeopathy and Aromatherapy. She also generates more income for herself by selling any appropriate health foods or supplements to her clients as she is also a supplier.






Fiona is a Fitness Coach and has completed her Certificate in Human Nutrition so she can provide additional services for her clients by doing diet plans and providing them with Nutrition Coaching.  As this goes hand in hand with her fitness coaching business, she achieves optimum results for her clients, so this helps her gains more clients and income. Her clients are also happy with the positive results they are achieving.








Rachel has completed her Certificate in Naturopathy and started an online business selling a variety of lentils and grains. She believes that these are undervalued in terms of Nutrition and they need to be consumed more as part of regular diet especially in the western cuisines. She also is writing a book to share their nutritional value and benefits nutritionally.



Ben works with remote communities in areas which are 1000s of kilometres away from any facilities. He found a need in his community for nutritional and health & wellbeing advice.

As most people don’t have any idea about it and the diet they consume and the lifestyle they follow is proving detrimental for their health. Ben has completed the Foundation Diploma in Natural Health and now works as a Nutritional and Naturopathic Healer in his community.