There is no better time to think of a career in the Natural health and Nutrition industries. People are more and more turning to preventative health so they can lead a healthy lifestyle and prevent future disease.

Australian Bureau of Statistics and Australian Institute of Health and Welfare research has found that in Australia:

  • 1 in 7 adults smoke daily
  • 1 in 4 children and 2 in 3 adults are overweight or obese
  • more than half of adults and 2 in 3 children don’t meet the physical activity guidelines
  • most people don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables and eat too much discretionary food.

Risk factors like these all increase the risk of developing ill-health. Almost half of Australians have one or more chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

We can prevent many of these conditions from developing, or reduce their impact, by creating systems and environments that support people to live a healthy lifestyle.

Chronic diseases are caused by a range of risk factors. While some of them like age, genetics etc cannot be changed, there are many risk factors which can be changed by addressing them ahead which helps prevent chronic disease.

Some of these risk factors are overweight, obesity, overoweight environments, physical inactivity, smoking, alcohol consumption, low health literacy, unhealthy diet, anxiety and stress.

Preventative health can be counselling on such topics as quitting smoking, losing weight, eating healthy, treating depression, and reducing alcohol use, coping mechanisms for anxiety and stress to name a few.

With the knowledge of Human Nutrition and alternative therapies, health and wellbeing consultants can advice people on their diets, alternative treatments using medicinal herbs or aromatherapy to treat symptoms of conditions to alleviate pain, anxiety and discomfort.

Using alternatives to the allopathic counter parts will help people avoid the side effects and creating other health concerns.

Having the knowledge of the human body and it’s physiological functions will help the consultant recognise signs and symptoms of their client’s condition and will enable them to advice the client to immediately seek medical help when they see that they might need it. All our Certificates and above in Nutrition and Naturopathy have the option of choosing Human Biology as an elective.

We also advise students to choose an elective in their certificate or advanced certificate course which covers either counselling or life coaching as these skills are essential when consulting with clients and knowing the right way to counsel them and help their needs.

Many of our past graduates enjoy working in various areas of preventative health and help make a huge difference and impact in their clients health.

If you are considering any of these areas as career option or are simply passionate about gaining knowledge to help others in preventative health feel free to speak to one of course advisors who can suggest the right course for your interests and aspirations. We have certificates, Advanced Certificates and Foundation Diplomas which also have pathways to degrees as well as given you the qualification to consult independently.

Vahini Panda

About the Author: Vahini Panda is the CEO and Founder of Health Academy Australia and Health Courses Australia. She is multi faceted in her skills and expertise which is backed by 20 years experience in the areas of education, health, ecommerce and Information Technology. She is a CEO, Passionate business owner, Author, Blogger, Nutritionist, Digital marketing expert and a Mum.