Like me If you were one of those people who felt like a gleeful 10 year old playing house when the first covid lockdown hit way back in early 2020, you are not alone.

We were excited that we can take a break from adulting, wake up at 10 AM, stay in PJs all day, make innovative cakes and desserts and watch Netflix in between working from home.

Like all good things this came to an end too when we realised that this summer vacation doesn’t seem to have an end. While we can all dream about living aimlessly, the boredom does set in and work productivity is down to like 50% and we realise holidays are not that much fun if we can’t earn enough money to have fun.

We also quickly realised that working/studying from home could be permanent or semi-permanent as workplaces and educational organisations have realised it is more economical and cost saving to keep this mode alive post covid.


So how to keep up the productivity while working or studying remotely? Here are some tips to increase productivity and kick their job/study goals.

  1. Keep your phone on silent, keep it face down so you don’t look at it. This way you cannot see the messages which pop up on the screen from your friendship groups or a juicy titbit of gossip your friend is sharing and you can concentrate on the work you are doing. Allot a time slot of say 1 hour where you won’t be distracted by the phone or any other distraction and just focus on the job at hand. Slot in a 15 minute break after the 1 hour so you know you can get to all the exciting messages in 1 hour so your focus is fully on the job you are doing.
  2. Focus is underrated, and multitasking overrated in my opinion. I am not saying not to multitask however having 100% focus on one task at a time will ensure that task is done to your full potential thus giving you the results it deserves. If your brain cells are distributed to doing 3 different things at the same time, you just cannot give any of the jobs full attention to do it to your full potential.
  3. Schedule: How do you then multitask? We have the scheduling apps on our phone, computer, emails programs etc. Use this amazing tool to keep ourselves on track. Schedule every task you want to achieve. Add reminders each day for the next couple of days for all the jobs which are pending. Once you have scheduled them in, you will be reminded of them and you can easily keep track of them and get the job done. If you could not get it done at least this gives you an opportunity to reschedule it and adds a bit of guilt to you so you will get the job done the next time it is scheduled for. I have rescheduled some jobs 3 times but eventually I did get it done rather than let it slip away.
  4. Work life balance: Having a good work life balance is key to increasing productivity. When you compartmentalise yourself and give time to do things you love you will be much more productive in your job or study as you know you have a time assigned for everything so you are not thinking of where you need to be when you are doing the other. This also reduces guilt on both counts and give you a happy family and a fuller wallet. It is a win win don’t you agree?


About the Author: Vahini Panda is the CEO and Founder of Health Academy Australia and Health Courses Australia. She is multi faceted in her skills and expertise which is backed by 20 years experience in the areas of education, health, ecommerce and Information Technology. She is a CEO, Passionate business owner, Author, Blogger, Nutritionist, Digital marketing expert and a Mum.