But what is a Nutrition Coach? Read below for all you need to know about the job, the pay, the work environment, and most importantly – what the course entails!

What does a Nutrition Coach Do?

Nutrition Coaching combines coaching skills with knowledge of nutrition to help clients choose better ways of eating and diets which are healthier for them.  Coaching is concerned with helping clients to define their goals, and then work out ways to achieve them.  Coaches encourage clients to look at their lifestyle and how it might influence their diets and goals.

Where can a Nutrition Coach Work?

Not only do Nutrition Coaches work one-one with clients, they can also:

  • Work in a holistic wellness centre or a gym with allied health professionals.
  • Offer a meal and menu planning service to companies or individuals.
  • Develop recipes for resorts and eBooks to sell online.

What’s the Pay!

Nutrition Coaches on average earn a base salary of $60 000 AUD per year. The hourly rate is on average $30.00 to $40.00 per hour.

The Course

Our Certificate in Human Nutrition is a 3 module foundational course in Nutrition that allows students to become insured with the International Insititure of Complentary Therapists as a Nutrition Coach or Nutrition Advisor.

The course modules include:

  • Foundations of Human Nutrition
  • Principles of Food Science
  • & an elective of choice!

This course is completely online and self-paced, with full tutor support! It has 300 hours of study, which can be completed over 2 years, or in 6-9 months on average.

Many students choose to complete this course and then upgrade into our Advanced Certificate in Nutrition Counselling which further qualifies you to become a Nutrition Counsellor & provides and excellent pathway into tertiary study! To upgrade, students only have to pay the difference in course fees.