Knowledge and a solid understanding of Human Biology and Biochemistry is essential in many fields. If you especially working in industries like health care, health, and wellness allied health in any capacity a foundation knowledge of these subjects will enable to perform your duties more efficiently.

You will also have a major advantage when applying for jobs in health care if you have one of these qualifications on your resume. As employers prefer all workers to have some knowledge in these areas when working in the industry.

Let us see in detail the definitions of the various biological sciences:

Human Anatomy – A study of human anatomy is the study of difference structures of which make up the human body. An understanding of human anatomy if important to work in the field of health.

Physiology – Physiology is the study of the different functions of human body. Human body comprises of cells, tissues, organs systems which all work in perfect harmony with each other to enable the human body to functions. The goal of the study of physiology is to explain the fundamental mechanisms that operate the human body and how they interact.

Cell Biology – Cells are the fundamental units of life. The study of cell biology teaches you the structure and function and behaviour of the cell. You will also gain understanding the tissues.

Biochemistry – Biochemistry is the branch of science that explores the chemical processes within and related to living organisms. … Biochemistry focuses on processes happening at a molecular level. It focuses on what’s happening inside our cells, studying components like proteins, lipids, and organelles. Reference:

Studying Biological sciences is hard outside university, as there are not many comprehensive courses available. At Health Academy Australia we offer courses starting from 100 hours of study to certificates which are 300 hours of study in Biology, Anatomy, Physiology, Cell biology and Biochemistry. Our courses come with full tutor support from qualified professionals so you can get the benefit of one-on-one tutoring while completing them. Once you complete the course you will be confident in the subject you completed as the courses cover the subject in a comprehensive way.

These courses will give you solid foundation knowledge in these subjects and will enable you to use it in various industries and careers in health care, alternative health, health and wellbeing, nutrition, and naturopathy.

Courses You Can Undertake:

Certificate in Human Biology – Successful completion of this fully supported course will enable you to work in medical settings such as Hospitals and Medical Practices, Complement careers in Fitness, Health, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, A great steppingstone into a health science or Biomedical degree.

Certificate in Biochemistry – Biochemistry is a foundation course for all Science/Medical/Allied Health degrees. This course will be great for school leavers, Nutritionists entering into the health industry or anyone who wants a solid foundation in Biochemistry. Graziers, animal breeders, zookeepers, veterinary nurses, and anyone else who works with animals will enhance their abilities at work, by studying biochemistry

Human Biology 1 – Human Anatomy and Physiology – Gives you solid foundation in human anatomy and physiology to use as a steppingstone to university or to work in health care industry.

Biochemistry I – The lessons in this course cover: introduction to biochemistry, lipids, proteins, enzymes, nucleic acids, thermo-regulation, carbohydrate metabolism, absorption, acidity, alkalinity, chemical analysis, and industry applications.

Cell Biology – This course will teach you about cell structure, the cells chemical composition, organelles, DNA, meiosis and mitosis, membranes, protein structure function and synthesis, catalysis, cellular communication, transport, tissue formation and more.