As an organisation who runs self paced courses the ethos always has been to treat and respect our students like adults who are capable of making their own choices.

We use the Nudge approach to encourage students and prospective students to study and make more constructive choices towards their studies and careers.

What is the Nudge Approach?

It is a way to influence the behaviour of individuals without any pressure or coercion. This approach believes in sending out positive message and creating a positive environment without force by gently guiding people to make a particular choice.

This approach takes into consideration people’s situations, circumstances and mindset before sending out these messages so the message is customised to have a positive influence on the person’s mind rather than add stress to them. It gives choice and space for people to make their own decisions.

For example, during the pandemic we realise that people are going through extraordinary pressures financially and mentally, so our blog posts, student newsletters etc provided support for this situation.

We understand that our students chose the online mode of study so they can balance their studies with their lifestyle, work and family situations. We respect this and tailored our programs with no submission deadlines, the course durations are set right from the beginning of the course enrolment and gently reminded of from time to time so students know when to aim their completion for, right from the start.

We reach out to students either via regular emails or newsletters with useful content or just a simple message saying we are here ready to help, which also act as a gentle reminder for students to continue their study without adding any undue pressure.

Student success stories, course outcomes information, career choice information all form part of our Nudge approach giving students a no pressure but well informed environment to complete their course.

As we end 2021 we hope to continue our efforts to provide online courses which are flexible but comprehensive to prepare you for working in the real world with confidence and making your learning experience as pressure free and positive as possible.