Student Testimonials

Rabia – Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Counselling – September 2022

Going back to study after so many years was daunting but Health academy made it easy. Thanks to my tutor Mary who was always helpful and supportive, also the staff at Academy is very helpful and the replies were always quick. I am very excited and looking forward to open my weight loss consultancy.

Angela – Foundations of Herbal Medicine – August 2022

I’ve just completed the Certificate in Foundations in Herbal Medicine. I’ve been teaching myself herbal medicine for many years but this course really took my existing knowledge to a new level. It’s also been a very long time since I did any studies so this was a great entry course to get me started before I take on the Diploma in Natural Health. The course materials were well presented and covered everything I needed to know. My tutor Mary was very helpful as were all the staff. I’d highly recommend the Health Academy and can’t wait commence my next course

Twinkleben – Assist Clients with Medications HLTHPS006 – July 2022

Great experience and response received till now. Waiting for my package and excited to learn new things with the help of Health Academy of Australia.

Louise – Certificate in Naturopathy – June 2022

I have only been studying for a short time but I am really satisfied with the online naturopathy course, it’s a lot more in depth than I imagined which is great. The support is excellent and the payment plans are really good too. The self paced learning is so helpful as a full time mum because it is really flexible study hours (no fixed classes) so you can do as little or as much as you can when you can. Hopefully my experience continues to be a very positive one.

Eleonora – Certificate in Human Nutrition – April 2022

I highly recommend Health Academy Australia

The course I took ‘ Certificate of Nutrition’ was very informative and full of suggestions for further research and investigation

It was easy to complete thanks to the prompt feedback from Mary – the tutor- always willing to explain and clarify any doubts

I also need to thank the admin very polite and patient in answering questions that probably have heard too many times

I will definitely enrol into another course in the near future

Thanks for your support !!!

Michelle – Diploma of Counselling – March 2022

I Did a diploma in counselling, found the course and materials easy to navigate. My Tutor Sarah was always there to help me and it didn’t matter if my question was big or small. I always had on going support. I would definitely Recommend Health Courses Australia. I enjoyed everything about the course and would like to thank you guys for your support and always encouraging me!!! looking forward to what my future will bring.

Nat – Diploma of Counselling – February 2022

Studied a Diploma of Counselling. This has been one of the best learning experiences I have had and I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. The staff are fantastic and prompt with questions and responses. I have enjoyed learning from the tutor’s and this course has been a great pathway for myself to then continue my studies into the Bachelor of Social Work degree as a 2nd year student. I highly recommend doing this course through Health Academy Australia.

Carmen – Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Counselling – December 2021

I have really enjoyed the course and the course content in doing my Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Counselling. The support that I received especially due to a medical health issue and having to pause for a little while was accommodated by them. They went over and above to help me. A special shout out to my tutor Mary Bennett. She has been fantastic all the way through and welcomes her feedback. If you are thinking about this course … I’d say do it … The course layout is fantastic and so easy to follow.

Ivy – Certified Weight Loss Consultant Course – December 2021

I have done a course certified weight loss consultant from HAA, I am amazed with the positive student service and the support I had from the tutors. I have received my certificate and I am so happy. Thank you Nicole and Miranda from the admin and my tutor Sally Maizey, you guys are the best.

Sharon – Medical Terminology – November 2021

I really enjoyed the self-paced learning of this online course. It was easy to navigate and the support staff were friendly and extremely helpful. I would recommend this learning academy.

Anette – Diploma of Counselling – October 2021

It is the first time; I do an online course and I find this one very professional with easy access to help and information. I can’t fault anyone, everyone shows compassion and always ready to help, they have all been great, especially as this is new to me and I have had to ask a LOT of questions, 10/10 for everybody’s patience and encouragement. always quick response nothing is ever a problem, always contactable and very valid and helpful information given. it goes well with the questions that is asked in the knowledge questions section. I like that there is questions that involves own research, as it leads to other information that wouldn’t be in the material but will be helpful to know.

Grace – Diploma of Counselling – September 2021

I am really enjoying this course and have learnt so much in the last year. My tutor Sarah is amazing. She is very supportive and encouraging especially when I doubted my own abilities. If I was every concerned, she was always able to alleviate my doubts and encouraged me to keep moving forward and as a result I am getting through the units without any major concerns. I know I can reach out to Sarah if ever I need to so feel very supported. My expectations have been met and exactly what I expected from on-line learning. Student services respond very quickly, and I am satisfied with their services.

Leanne- Advanced Certificate in Naturopathy – August 2021

I found the course content very relevant and exactly what I was hoping to learn.  The lessons covered kept me very interested. Yes I found the structure was perfect for me, easy to access and very clear with regards to what was expected of the student etc.  the layout of the modules and each lesson was very professionally done. If I was a little unclear about something, regarding and assignment for example, this was quickly explained to me so I found I didn’t have any real issues or worries. Melinda Kearsley is a fantastic tutor ! I am always amazed at how they work in their profession and always have time to give us feedback at any time.  When assignments were marked and sent back, there was always invaluable feedback with questions, so positive and encouraging to the student. The admin staff are very professional, efficient and lovely to deal with. Very happy with everything, I had a wonderful experience studying with Health Academy Australia.

Patricia – Certificate in Human Nutrition – June 2021

Mary Bennett was a wonderful support to me the whole time. Her feedback and notes of encouragement kept me going and wanting more! It was a pleasure having her as a tutor.I didn’t know what to expect and I surprised myself at how much I have gained over the last 12months. I now feel more confident to be able to give personal assistance and provide valuable information and help to people wanting and needing to change their lifestyle and eating habits.

Rose- Certified Weight Loss Consultant – March 2021

The Course was very well presented and a great learning experience. Melinda Kearsley was excellent and her feed-back insightful. I received good service from admin who were always helpful and forwarded any necessary material through.

Theresa – Certificate in Human Nutrition – February 2021

I found the course to be a valuable learning experience because it ticked all the boxes in terms of providing a solid foundation in nutrition. I especially appreciated being able to complete the course from home with administrative and tutor support as needed. Being able to access all of the learning modules on line, clearly identifiable with additional resources such videos and self-tests were especially helpful. This is the first online course I have ever undertaken, and I found it to be a worthwhile experience.

Zaffifah – Medical Receptionist Certificate – January 2021

This was a very interesting course for me. I am not a science person, but what I found most valuable about this course from the notes and the videos, is that I gained a lot of information about topics that I never knew about and the fact that they are helpful to not only in work place but in daily life which I can carry with me for the rest of my life. I was not sure of what to expect at first because I had never taken an online class before. But I am very pleased with the course format and the content was straight forward and presentation made it easier to understand the expectations of the assignments. I truly appreciate from both my tutors (Ms Tracy & Ms Nicole) feedbacks whenever they marked my assignments. The experience of this class has being nothing but positive! I really enjoyed the online course. I thought it was well planned and layed out, easy for me to follow. The assignments question was just enough, so i could finish everything with enough time, learn about the topics and not feel over loaded and rushed. Overall, I find that the assignments were very beneficial and helpful to the entire learning process.

Shannon – Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Counselling – November 2020

After 25 years of not studying I found everything daunting and thought “what have gotten myself into” but as the course went on I had a better understanding of how to structure things. Melinda and Leonie were my tutors and everything they commented on was reassuring and very much appreciated. I loved doing this course, it has empowered me to help people who are struggling with obesity and to help them understand how nutrition and exercise can help change their situation

Jan – Certificate in Human Nutrition – October 2020

This course was informative and interesting. I felt my knowledge expanded considerably throughout the progression of the course and I’m thrilled to have finished and achieved the certificate. I was actually worried at first that I would not cope as I don’t have a solid Science background and knew very little about anatomy and basic science. However, as the course progressed my confidence built.

The flexibility of the online course suited me perfectly so I could adjust my study to fit in around other commitments I had. The college were really amiable and I appreciated that they never contacted me if there was a large time gap between submitting assignments.

Michelle – Psychopharmacology – September 2020

I was more than satisfied with this course. I enjoyed every topic and looked forward to doing the next one. The course itself was very interesting, informative, and excellently put together without being too difficult. The amount of work required for the assessments was realistic and made learning a pleasure. The tutors are 100% dedicated and completely committed in helping you through the journey. Their support, professionalism and encouragement were so uplifting which was an added bonus to this course. I learnt so much about the real world and how it relates to every one of us. I highly recommend the Psychopharmacology course through Health Academy Australia; it was rewarding and one of the best decisions I made to pursue.

Emily – Criminal Psychology – September 2020

The resources for this course were easy to follow and the assignments were easy enough to gather information for. My assessor provided good feedback, marked my assignments quickly and were very encouraging.

Kate – Certificate in Psychology – August 2020

This course was self-paced and easy to fit in with my full-time work. I could download all the reading material so that I didn’t have to be logged into the learning portal all the time. The training resources were easy to follow and the assessments were reasonable with no unrealistic requests. The instructors/assessors provided good feedback and were always quick to mark assignments. The course itself is excellent for a basic understanding of Psychology for either further study or for personal development/interest. I learnt a lot about myself, friends, family, and colleagues from doing this course.

Kerry – Certificate in Human Nutrition – May 2020

I have found the Academy to be professional, informative, and attentive to my needs. The staff and tutors are amazing and provide timely feedback to any questions I may have. Once I have completed my current course, I will be enrolling in another. I have enjoyed the content and learning style.

Stephen – Foundation Diploma in Natural Health – April 2020

I have undertaken a few courses with HAA over the past few years. The structure, assessment and support has been very good. Prompt and informative to enable me to achieve my goals in completing the courses I chose. I recommend HAA for learning new skills and knowledge to which they may apply in whatever occupational field you choose.

Kat – Advanced Certificate in Naturopathy – January 2020

Naturopath health coach study is OVER! 2 years of juggling 2 businesses and studying was a mission and stressful- but rewarding! So glad to move onto the next adventure and decide whats next. The vision is buying a farm and turning it into a health retreat and natural health brand/beauty products. But the herbal knowledge I’ve gained is incredible! For self, family and friends benefit

Maria – Certificate in Human Nutrition – December 2019

It was an absolutely great learning experience. I refreshed a lot of the knowledge and got to discover new things also. The subjects were explained in an understandable manner and easy to work through. I was looking for a course with a friendly price and trustworthy information, and Health Academy met my expectations in all aspects. My tutor was very quick when marking my work (which made .e really happy) and I got important feedback from her also. Amazing service. I even asked for an extension and the were amazing when handling the situation. Quick response and super friendly.

Jade – Counselling Skills I – November 2019

I learned new techniques to incorporate in order to help people work through their own issues, as opposed to offering advice or solutions which doesn’t encourage their own growth. I found it was structured quite well. I liked the fact that there was also information on ending the counselling, I felt this is important to prepare students for being a practitioner and working in a clinic setting.

Gaby – Certificate in Human Nutrition – November 2019

So excited to see my Certificate in Introduction to Nutrition. When I first read the curriculum I just new this subject was for me. I have always been fascinated with nutrition and finding out how it all affects our bodies. The on-line course was so convenient as I could fit in my study, when it suited me, while I worked full time and still had time for family life. One thing that I really took away from this course was the fact that – our cells are renewing all the time and by changing some food habits for better choices you can give your body a good opportunity to heal and feel better. Thank you to my tudor Melinda and the Health Academy Australia team. Gaby

Lucia – Advanced Certificate in Counselling – November 2019

If studying online I thoroughly recommend studying with Health Academy.The Advanced Certificate in Counselling lessons/assignments were very structured and interesting. Heartfelt thanks to Leonie, who gave prompt, very helpful feedback:)

Stephen – Foundation Diploma in Natural Health – November 2019

This course has been a valuable experience. It has enable me to develop and understand of biochemistry and how it applies to the human body. The depth of knowledge has been what I’ve been looking for, for a better understanding of how nutrition works and how to spot the differences in other people’s beliefs. The course was set out in a very manageable sequence of learning and achievable assignments. The Tutors were helpful and prompt with answering queries and marking assignments.

Kay – Grief Counselling – November 2019

It was so convenient doing online study and my instructor gave wonderful feedback. I will recommend your organization to friends and family.

Libby – Life Coaching – October 2019

I was very satisfied with my experience and would highly recommend their courses. I honestly couldn’t fault it. The staff are friendly and helpful and the course taught me what I needed to know.

Jillian – Counselling Skills 1 – June 2019

The course provided useful knowledge about establishing an environment for successful counselling, techniques of counselling and the way clients can react to issues in their lives. Whilst some parts of counselling would seem to be natural, such as to listen and be supportive, there is much more to this course. Learning about the counselling theories and terminology was interesting. I liked the way the course was set into 8 lesson areas as I could fully focus on a lesson, assignment and self-test and completed each one before starting the next lesson. The exam at the end was a good way to review and consolidate the knowledge learned.

Donna – Introduction to Nutrition – June 2019

Being able to fulfill my purpose and passion has been such a blessing I felt hungry for more. So last year I started a course online and just recently completed with the final test. Personal development and growth has become a huge part of my life and I love it 💕 Highly recommend the Health Academy Australia, brilliant efficient communication skills and ever so helpful plus an easy online training system made it a breeze.

Tammie – Certificate in Counselling – March 2019

I have been able to implement a number of the things I have learnt directly into my current role as a teacher. The content also raised my awareness to how I act and communicate with my students. It was very informative and had a lot of practical aspects that could be implemented immediately in my work place. My work was marked very quickly which allowed me to move onto the next assignments and not having to wait. I enjoyed doing the course as I wasn’t sure if it was what I wanted to do, so it was good to be able to do the Certificate to see if I liked it before spending a lot of money and time doing the Diploma.

Melissa – Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Counselling – February 2019

I Highly recommend Health Academy Australia, the tutors support and feedback is above and beyond and keeps you motivated as you move through the assignments. I was able to comfortably complete the Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Counselling in just over 12 months, as a mum to two young boys and with a part time job! I will be back to complete a few more of the courses in the nutritional field in the future but walk away feeling confident with my current qualification

Jade – Certificate in Psychology – December 2018

I loved completing this course! The staff were so helpful and provided me with all the information I needed. Justine was my teacher for the Psychology Course and would get my assignments marked and back to me so quickly and would always provide me with a helpful, motivating comment!

I was very nervous when I first signed up for the course as I was not sure whether Psychology was what I really wanted to do, but this is the perfect course to help you figure that out. There are tastes of so many psychological concepts which is great! This course has given me the motivation to look further into university now.

Thank you very much to the team at the Health Academy Australia!

Kel – Advanced Certificate in Naturopathy – November 2018

My experience with Health Academy Australia has been amazing!

Not only are they responsive they are kind and approachable. My tutor Mary was always so informative and i felt so comfortable to contact her with any questions big or small.

The course was interesting and challenging and i truly enjoyed going back to study! I will most definitely use The Heath Academy Australia again to further my education.

Sue – Counselling Skills I – November 2018

Having obtained a degree in health many years ago, I used Counselling Skills 1 as a refresher course to enable me to re-familiarise myself with the basic tenets of counselling. I found the course very interesting and informative. The structure of the course was excellent as it presented two different avenues of obtaining information – the videos and the course material. It also gave three modes of assessment – the quizzes, the assignments and the exam. This levelled out the areas of assessment as some students will do better in particular areas, and enabled students to reinforce what they had learnt. Overall, this was an excellent course and I would definitely recommend it.

Julia – Aged Care Counselling – November 2018

Health Academy Australia is a great place to study, there is always someone there ready to answer any questions. Also assignments are marked very quickly.

Ali – Certificate in Psychology and Counselling – September 2018

I just completed my Certificate in Psychology and Counselling and cannot recommend this Institute enough. My tutor was always there to assist and provided great feedback through out. Nicole in admin was very helpful and always responds promptly to enquiries. Though i work it was so easy for me to complete my course online at my own pace. I loved the content of the course and would study with them again anytime

Mariana – Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Counselling – September 2018

I definitely recommend Health Academy Australia. I had the opportunity to get my Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Counselling done during a very busy time of my life. The modules are very well organised and the course structure as well. My tutor was very motivational giving a good feedback every time I finished an assignment. When I have another spare time will definitely do an extra short course.

Faye – Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Counselling – August 2018

I have just recently successfully completed an Advanced certificate course in Nutritional Counselling; studying Nutrition I, II & III, and 3 electives of my choice being – weight loss, medical and sports nutrition. I work full time and found doing this course online and at my own pace (though ensuring to finish within the given time frame) suited my needs perfectly. My tutors and admin at the college always provided support and prompt answers to any questions or problems that I may have faced with doing the course. The course was easy to follow and there was always amazing support – Nicole in admin is absolutely fantastic – as was my tutor Melinda – replies to you quickly and assignments and exams where passed on to the tutors and marked promptly. Thank you to everyone at the Academy. I haven’t studied for many years and because I had such great support from the Academy I am now going to enrol for further courses. Thank you for helping me achieve great results and further my education and career.

Caterina – Introduction to Nutrition – August 2018

I’ve recently completed Intoduction to Nutrition 1 and thought it was fantastic. I would highly recommend the Academy. My tutor was great and Nicole in Admin service was always very helpful. Course structure was in depth and learnt allot in such a short time.

Natalie – Foundation Diploma in Natural Health – July 2018

This has been a challenging and very rewarding experience. Finishing this FDip was one of the hardest things I have ever done, and I had to fit it in around 3 children, homeschooling, a farm, a business, working overseas in the middle of the jungle and moving house. I am so excited to be finished and about to launch into my ‘second act’. Thank you, HAA for your support and help so I can achieve my dream.

Alkira – Introduction to Nutrition – July 2018

I found this course fabulous. This information was laid out so it was easy to understand and the respinse of my results came very fast! My tutor alongside all other staff were so friendly and made it so much more enjoyable to complete !

Vonda – Aqua Fitness – April 2018

I have just completed a year long certificate in aqua course and have really enjoyed it.

The support and positive comments from the tutor’s is fantastic. I will definitely be doing another course with the health academy Australia… Highly recommend doing a course with health academy Australia.

Cristina – Certificate in Counselling – April 2018

I have recently completed a Certificate in Counselling and this has been a valuable and rewarding experience for me. I definitely recommend others studying at Health Academy Australia as all team staff are very polite and helpful. The course was very interesting and provided me with highly practical skills. Each module was very inspiring, making me feel an active participant, and my tutor was always very helpful, providing me with positive insights to reflect upon. I feel I have learnt and achieved so much along the way and now I feel much more confident both personally and professionally.

Catherine – Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Counselling – April 2018

I have just completed my Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Counselling. I spent lots of researching time before deciding to go ahead with Health Academy and I am very glad that I chose this school. The course was laid out in such a way that was easily understood and the assignments were not difficult to complete. The school fee was reasonable.

During the course I learned and gained so much general knowledge about “health & nutrition” and enjoyed every single lesson. The prompt response and great feedbacks and comments on my assignments from my tutors were truly helpful and amazing. The support and assistance I have been receiving from the administrative staff was also outstanding. Thank you. You guys are great!!

I have absolutely no hesitation to recommend Health Academy to anyone!!


Tracy – Certified Weightloss Consultant – March 2018

I found my certified weight loss consultants course very informative and easy to follow. Assignments were returned marked with encouraging comments and in a timely manner. Thank you and can’t wait to receive my certificate

Cath – Certificate in Human Nutrition – March 2018

I studied certificate in nutrition and added childrens nutrition as well. The course is well laid out easily understood and very convenient. The assistance that you receive is outstanding and no question is to much trouble.

Yusraa – Medical Receptionist Certificate – March 2018

I just completed my Certificate in Medical Reception with Health Academy Australia and couldn’t be more ecstatic with the quality of work, high standard of communication and quality of service. The administration staff are so welcoming and honest and the tutors have so much patience and knowledge. Their fees are reasonable and student content excellent. I really enjoyed studying with them and highly recommend that you study through them as well. They have heaps of different career paths as well as payment options to accomodate your pocket

Kim – Certified Weightloss Consultant – March 2018

I was very happy with the way the course was set up, studying part time I could go online at a time that suited me and download the course material. The lessons in the Weight Loss Consultant course were challenging but not difficult to complete.

Juls – Certificate in Human Nutrition – February 2018

I have just completed my Cert in Human Nutrition and would highly recommend to anyone!! The support was wonderful and course thorough 🙂 It took me 12 months part time with big breaks in between. Im continuing my training with Health Academy Australia as the service and quality of the team is great. This course has furthered my career in the supplement industry as well as personal knowledge and application to my hobby of bodybuilding. Could not recommend this company more!!

Thank you guys!

Toni – Foundation Diploma in Natural Health – January 2018

Having just completed a Foundation Diploma In Natural Health, I found the course structure, tutors, feedback on work completed, encouragement and guidance absolutely fantastic. I wouldn’t hesitate to encourage those who want to follow a career in the natural health field or to improve their current knowledge to contact The Health Academy.

Thank you I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Marilyn – Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Counselling – January 2018

I have no hesitation in marking the Health Academy with 5 stars. What a great year I had last year studying the Advanced Certificate for Nutritional Counselling. The year moved by quickly and now the course is behind me. I look so forward to being able to utilise what I’ve learnt and hopefully help a lot of people.

I had two wonderful tutors during the course of my studies and I so appreciate all they did for me… particularly building my confidence to believe I could begin a business with it.

Thank you Health Academy for a great course which I’d be willing to recommend to anyone and everyone.

Emma – Nutrition III – January 2018

Everyone who I have dealt with at this college has been very helpful and accommodating, even when I’ve had to pull my hair out and add more stuff to my assignments but it’s been well worth it! I studied the Nutrition 3 online course and if you’re looking for a course in nutrition even just as a feeler course this is a great one to start with.

Catherine – Nutrition – November, 2017

“Great programs, great tutors and fantastic services from admin staff of Health Academy Australia. I have no hesitation in recommending this great place to anyone who wants to study “Health & Nutrition”!’

Rachael – Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Counselling – October 2017

I recently completed an Advanced Certicate in Nutrition Counselling. The academy was incredibly helpful and provided such a stress free way of studying online. Anyone interested in studying a health course, I highly recommend Heath Academy Australia.

Sarah – Health and wellness – July 2017

A great place to further or start your studies in health and wellness! Fantastic course content, professional tutors and welcoming admin staff! Would highly recommend the Health Academy Australia!

Elle – Advanced Certificate in Naturopathy – June 2017

Great, challenging courses! I’ve just finished my Advanced Certificate of Naturopathy which gave me the confidence and knowledge to start my new business Smoothie Sailor. It took me 2 years to finish, but I got there in the end. Tutors are knowledgeable (how I love Julie!) and supportive. And thank you Nicole, your admin support never failed to amaze me! Elle.

Jemma – Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Counselling – May 2017

I have really enjoyed studying through Health Academy Australia. I just recently completed the advanced certificate of Nutritional Counselling. In particular I enjoyed how easy it was to obtain information, the highly relevant course information, support and encouragement from tutors and that I was able to speak with one admin person throughout the entire course!

Luke – Nutrition II – September 2016

I thought the Human Nutrition II Course was very informative and also very practical. Very recommendable to anyone interested in fitness or nutrition and especially those working in a similar industry.

Suha – Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Counselling – July 2016

I recently got my Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Counselling. It was such a great course full of knowledge & great information. The support of my tutor and the administration team along the course is much appreciated

Joanne – Advanced Certificate in Naturopathy – April 2016

Health Academy Australia is a wonderful institution to study with. Their communication with students is excellent and their courses are interesting and engaging. I have loved studying with them and am very pleased to have finally completed my Advanced Certificate in Naturopathy.

Therese – Aged Care Counselling – March 2016

I recently completed my certificate in Aged Care Counselling. I already have a Diploma for Counselling but I want to work in the aged care industry. I wasn’t sure if I would learn a lot. I learned a lot! All about aging and specific issues around aging, strategies I could employ & resources available for support. The tutors and admin were very helpful as well. Well worth the time & investment!

Monique – Certificate in Human Nutrition – September 2014

These guys are excellent! I’ve done a certificate in my own time, completing work when I can. I have recieved nothing but support from the team, with my tutor offering guidence and feedback. I have nothing but praise and encourage anyone who would like to enter the health industry to contact the team!

Hayley – Certificate in Human Biology
“I really appreciate all the support you’ve given me throughout my course.”

Rachel- Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Counselling

“Thanks Sharon. I have all my marked assignments! I am finding your positive feedback so encouraging and I find it helpful to have your added comments.”

Debbie – Weightloss Consultant Course

“Thanks a lot for your feedback, really appreciate it. I’m really enjoying doing this course, I’m learning so much from it and I’m implementing what I learn into my lifestyle as well.”

Santha- Certificate III in Aged Care


Diana- Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Counselling

“Excellent. Maeghan particularly was responsive to my enquiries and very helpful. Very useful feedback from Sharon Adams. Thank you for an enjoyable course.”

Naomi- Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Counselling

“The course was a valuable learning experience as it gave me a good foundation for nutrition for all different times of life, general wellbeing and in illness. The information was such that I can use it in my own household meal planning as well as in a work setting.”

Tanja- Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Counselling

“Maeghan, thank you for all the info! I have just enrolled and can’t wait to get started. Thank you for making it so easy!”

Robyn- Weightloss Consultant Course

“Thank you Kim, really appreciate all your help. I really enjoyed the course and got out a lot out of it. I’ve got some great resources and information to get started with.”

Kelly- Life Coaching

”I just want to say thank you Justine for you feedback comments. I am feeling confident and i am believing in myself again.”

Karen- Medical Terminology Course

“Matthew, Just a quick email to say a big thank you for your assistance in helping me complete my Course. Your feedback was valuable and very much appreciated.”

Talal- Certificate in Human Biology

“I doing good, thanks very much for your email. Great help you did for me during the course, hard to forget, thanks again.”

Danielle- Psychopharmacology

“The information I’ve learned during the course is applicable to my current work environment of custodial health provision. I’ve obtained valuable skills and knowledge.”

Sammy- Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Counselling

“The feedback was informative and encouraging and gave me an overview of addressing things differently and perhaps looking at things I had not considered before, which was very helpful.”