Preventative Health & Nutrition and Natural Health Careers

There is no better time to think of a career in the Natural health and Nutrition industries. People are more and more turning to preventative health so they can lead a healthy lifestyle and prevent future disease.

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Health courses Australia ‘Graduate of the month’ for February – Joseph Gibbs

Meet our Health courses Australia ‘Graduate of the month’ for February, Joseph Gibbs. Joseph was at one time working in a steel factory and many of his friends would come to him regarding some personal issues they were going through.

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How does the VET pathway to university work?

Whether it is a certificate III, certificate IV, diploma or advanced diploma that you study, it may provide entry into a bachelor degree course. Sometimes a university will accept a vocational qualification as part-credit for some subjects towards obtaining the bachelor degree, reducing the length of time it takes to study the degree.

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Top 10 Shortages of Skilled workers in Health

With the interest rates on constant rise we are all on edge and employers are also getting nervous and redundancies are getting more common. In this landscape it is a great idea to check out what areas are in dire need of skilled workers and consider either upskilling or reskilling yourself. Read the below article which will provide a good insight into this for you.

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Why Counsellors are essential for Health and Wellbeing of individuals

counselors are essential because they offer professional and confidential support to individuals experiencing a range of personal, social, or emotional difficulties. They provide evidence-based interventions that can improve mental health, promote personal growth, and assist individuals to manage crisis situations

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Future of education in 2023 and beyond

As 2022 is coming to an end, we are somewhat back to living like we did in the pre covid world. However, Covid has turbo changed our thought process permanently. A thought process which would have taken nearly a decade to change normally was changed in matter of couple of years. We have been catapulted into a virtual world where zoom meetings are now a norm, studying virtually is more common than studying face to face. Working from home is not an option but a routine way to work.

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