With the interest rates on constant rise we are all on edge and employers are also getting nervous and redundancies are getting more common. In this landscape it is a great idea to check out what areas are in dire need of skilled workers and consider either upskilling or reskilling yourself. Read the below article which will provide a good insight into this for you.

  1. Nursing: Nurses are in high demand across the world. With an aging population and an increase in chronic health conditions, the need for qualified nurses has grown significantly. To address this skills shortage many aged care facilities are trying to upskill their aged care workers with medication units like Administer and Monitor Medication and Assist Clients with Medication so the nurses present will have additional support and can cope with the workload.
  2. Primary Care Physicians: Many countries face a shortage of general practitioners or family medicine doctors, particularly in rural and underserved areas. While getting into medicine is very competitive and also not practically feasible for many, studying a course in biology will help determine if health sciences if something you want to pursue. We have Biology short courses for you to study.
  3. Specialized Physicians: Some medical specialties, such as psychiatry, dermatology, and geriatrics, have experienced shortages, which can lead to longer wait times for patients to see specialists.
  4. Allied Health Professionals: Certain allied health professions, such as physical therapists, occupational therapists, Dental assistants and radiologic technologists, have also experienced shortages, especially in specific geographic locations. Complete the Certificate III in Dental Assisting with us in just 6 months to get immediate work as a Dental Assistant in a dental practice. We also place our students for their placement in dental practices.
  5. Mental Health Professionals: With a growing recognition of mental health issues, the demand for psychologists, psychiatrists, and mental health counsellors has increased. Our Diploma in Counselling is a fantastic qualification to work as a counsellor or mental health worker.
  6. Health IT and Informatics: As healthcare organizations increasingly rely on technology for patient care and data management, there’s a need for skilled professionals in health informatics and IT.
  7. Medical Researchers: Advancements in medical research require a skilled workforce to conduct clinical trials, analyse data, and make breakthroughs in various fields.
  8. Home Health Aides and Caregivers: As the elderly population grows, there’s a demand for caregivers and home health aides to provide support for older adults who wish to remain in their homes. Consider studying the Certificate III in Individual Support (aging) or Certificate IV in Aging Support if working in the aged care industry is of interest to you. With plenty of work around that area you will be in demand.
  9. Health Educators: Educators who can promote public health and preventive measures are essential to address health issues and raise awareness. You can study Nutrition courses, Natural health courses, Food coaching, Counselling with us and work in the industry in many roles like Nutrition advisors/natural therapist/food coach/youth counsellor and more. We have over 50 courses for you to choose from.
  10. Medical Laboratory Technologists: Professionals who perform diagnostic tests and analyse medical samples are crucial in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases.