Online study can be daunting for many, that is why we try to share the feedback we receive from our fresh graduates to prospective students so they can see that studying online can be an enjoyable experience. In 2023 online study will be a primary way of studying.

If you are considering studying a Nutrition/natural health/health science course with Health Academy Australia or A Diploma of Counselling, Dental Assisting or health care course with Health Courses Australia, you can be rest assured that the quality of student support will be excellent and you will always find the support to be prompt, patient and knowledgeable. Established in 2008, We are pioneers in 100% online education in health as our business model has always been only online education, way before so many other providers jumped on the online education bandwagon. So you will be in safe hands.

The courses are structured considering all levels of IT skills, so they are easy to navigate even for someone with minimal computer knowledge. The assessments/assignments are set right after each lesson so the knowledge you have acquired is still fresh while doing the assessments/assignments.

For courses having practical assessments we ensure that they can be done via distance where possible and if the course requires a placement, we also support the student to get the placement. We make sure all the paperwork during the placement is easy for the supervisor and student to fill and send back.

We carefully consider every part of the student’s journey during their course when we are structuring the course. The course is then structured in a way that it is easy to achieve while remaining compliant and deliver the outcome it is set out to deliver.

So, enrol in any of our courses without any hesitation and I can assure you that you will be well looked after. If you don’t want to take my word do read the feedback we have from 3 students who have recently send their feedback to us.

Vahini Panda


Health Academy Australia & Health Courses Australia

A beautiful letter I received from one of our long time returning student
Read on…

Hello Vahini

Thank you so much for making another wish (actually two) come true for me. I have availed myself of the xmas gift coupon.
I’ve just enrolled in two more wonderful courses. And am so looking forward to study under Mary Bennett, again in 2023.
Vahini, what would we honestly do without your endeavour and Academy.
You provide us with much richness, (yes excitement) and opportunity, the gravity of that is simply dazzling. Thank YOU.
Wishing you and your family, and your staff a safe and well Happy Holidays and continued success.
Blessings and

Kindest regards

Name withheld for privacy purposes