We love knowing what our students do after they complete their study with us and also their experience studying with us.

Jackie our manager spoke to our recent graduate Ellie Jones to know about her inspiration to do the Diploma of counselling and also her aspirations on what to do now she has completed the course. Ellie also shared her study experience with Health Courses Australia. Here is what she says.

Jackie – What has inspired you to study the Diploma of Counselling?

Ellie – It was a pathway I was wanting to move into and I was looking to study this course for a while. I was referred to Health Course Australia by someone who spoke very highly of it due to the online and self-paced aspect.

Jackie – Did you have to overcome any personal challenges to complete the course?

Ellie – I didn’t think it would have been easy studying with working full time as well. I thought it would be hard to juggle everything but as there were no due dates for the assessments, it was much more flexible than I imagined, which was great!

Jackie – Do you have any instances where you felt that the trainers or staff have inspired you or mentored you during the duration of the course? if so please share details.

Ellie – Penny was amazing and always gave me lots of guidance within the course and what to next after I finished my study. She referred me to a helpline where I will be doing some volunteer work soon. Penney always gave me feedback and asked me for some too!

Jackie – What did you find HCA did differently to other training organisations to make your study experience easier or more rewarding?

Ellie – I found Health Course Australia more personalised than sitting in a classroom. As it was one on one with the tutor, I felt a better connection to the course and a bonus was that I was in the comfort of my own home.

Jackie – What are your future aspirations and how do you aspire to use the qualification you achieved?

Ellie – I’m hoping to move into further education but for now I will be looking at volunteer work on the helpline. I’m hoping to feel some inspiration from those I speak to and want to implement what I have learnt from the course, into practice.