Simply put they are short courses you can do in an area of study which enhance the work you do or intend to do.

As many employers are looking for workers who have the know how in many areas rather than just one area, doing short courses specifically in that subject area will make you the ideal candidate to choose.

This is also another way to build up your education and skills portfolio and also build up towards a qualification. When you don’t have the time nor the finances to do a higher qualification at once this is the best way to build up towards it.

There are many advantages of micro credentials, few are as below:

  • Knowledge in diverse areas
  • A way to build up towards a higher qualification
  • Career progression
  • Edge over other candidates when applying for jobs
  • To get confidence in an area which you have no knowledge of
  • Quick way to upskill
  • Small investment
  • Access to industry experts
  • Smaller commitment

The courses at Health academy and Health courses australia are designed in collaboration with industry experts to ensure they meet the current standards.

Students also have one on one contact with their trainer throughout all our short courses. All our trainers are industry experts working actively in the industry. So they will able to give guidance on many things like resources, knowledge and career options.

All our courses are done online and self paced making it easier for students to fit them into their work schedule and other commitments.

We have over 100 short courses in Nutrition, Naturopathy, Aged care, Counselling, Biological sciences, psychology, health care and more. Chat to one of our friendly student services staff on 07 5689 1500 to find out which course is perfect for you.