With the pandemic rampant in 2020 and 2021 many of us have started working from home due to sheer necessity.

However, we have now realised the many advantages of working from home. It gives us an opportunity to choose our hours, balance our lifestyle. It is especially a great advantage for parents with school going kids so that they can attend to their needs while also working.

There are many roles which could be easily switched to online. This is especially beneficial for consultants, counsellors, advisors, coaches etc who can easily consult with their clients with zoom calls or any other video calls.

Any follow up advice, diet plans or schedules can be easily sent to them via email to follow up beyond the video call.

This would be convenient for both the consultant and clients as it cuts down the travel time, parking and scheduling which is required for a face to face meeting.

The difference between pre pandemic to post pandemic world is that everyone has become savvy using video conferencing programs, so it is easy for clients to get on board. The reluctance which was there before the pandemic due to uncertainty using technology which is a major obstacle before, is now not there.

At Health academy australia we offer courses in Nutrition, Naturopathy and Counselling with many career outcomes like Nutrition consultants, Natural Health consultants, Counsellors, Life coaches, Health coaches, Weightloss consultants/coaches, Food coaches etc. All these jobs can easily to be done online from home.

See the list of courses below with career outcomes which can be switched to working online or working from home.

Hope this has given you some ideas on what kind of careers can be switched to working online from home.