Preventative Health & Nutrition and Natural Health Careers

There is no better time to think of a career in the Natural health and Nutrition industries. People are more and more turning to preventative health so they can lead a healthy lifestyle and prevent future disease.

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Working from home online

With the pandemic rampant in 2020 and 2021 many of us have started working from home due to sheer necessity. However, we have now realised the many advantages of working from home. It gives us an opportunity to choose our hours, balance our lifestyle. It is especially a great advantage for parents with school going kids so that they can attend to their needs while also working.

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A Non-Judgemental World – A better world for positive mental health

Mental health awareness should become an important part of our way of life, as a society we must be mindful of the impact our words and actions have on others mental health.

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Social Media/Digital Marketing for Small Business

The world of marketing has evolved so much in the last 10 years that paper advertising is slowly becoming redundant and the marketing world is shifting more towards digital platforms. This is great news not just for the consumer but also for small businesses and individual operators. In this exclusive article Vahini Panda, our CEO who has Masters in Ecommerce and is a Digital Marketing guru will share some of her insights with you so you can apply them to yourself or your business.

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Important guidelines for Changing Careers

A change of career is an important decision, A decision which you have to make informed. You want to love the work you do, after all you spend 1/3rd of your life working so it is important a change is a positive one and the one you love. If you are passionate about what you do the chances of success are also high.

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10 Prospective Careers in 2030

The advancing of technology is so rapid school goers today have the unique position of preparing themselves for jobs which might not even exist today.

While we cannot prepare for everything, for potential roles there are ways you can prepare so you are equipped with the needed knowledge to smoothly transit into the future. 

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