When you are contemplating to do an online course, there will be many questions on the credibility of the courses as well as if online learning is for you.

This article is an attempt to bring to you feedback and success stories of our graduates who enjoyed their learning experience with us. So we are sharing few with you.

We strive to provide the best experience for our students both with admin support as well as tutor support. We also aim to provide the student the best value for their money and some great pathways so the student can build up on the qualification they achieve with us as well as become successful in their chosen field with the qualification they have completed.

The bottom line is at Health Academy Australia we genuinely care for our students. This is not just a business for us as we realise education changes people’s lives for the better and we love knowing this and to contribute what we can, to it.

The below are genuine emails, feedback and comments from students. Did not edit or modify them, just removed their last names for privacy. Hope they help. 🙂


Hi Leonie,

Just wanted to say a quick thank you for tutoring me through Counselling Skills 1. Your feedback and comments were very useful and encourging. I also very much appreciated how quickly you got my results back to me. As you may have worked out, I had a tight timeline to complete the course in.

I really enjoyed doing the course and I am considering extending what I’ve done to achieve the Counselling Certificate, but if so, I won’t be as rushed to get multiple assignments done a week!

Thank you, once again.

 Warm regards,



MODULE/COURSE NAME: Certificate in Human Nutrition



Was the course a valuable learning experience for you? Why? Yes, the information I picked up was very pertinent to my work (as a trainer) and although I’ve been involved in basic nutrition for a long time this provided me with deeper level knowledge that I found very useful


Did the course meet your expectations? Please add comments. Yes, I intended to get some formal recognition as a nutritional consultant


Did you like the way the course was structured (presented)? Please add comments. I guess. I didn’t have a massive concern about how it was structured originally as I wasn’t too sure what to expect. Seemed fine by me.  

Highly recommend health academy – Hayley


5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 12, 2016, viewed 47 times

I just completed my advanced certificate in nutritional counselling and am totally proud of myself! I could not have done it without the support, motivation and enthusiasm of the whole health academy crew! Nicole and Sharon were always on hand to help with my melt downs and freak outs when I couldn’t do it and was close to giving up! Absolute professionals in their fields and such a nice study format which makes you excited to learn! I highly recommend this school to anyone and am considering my natural health foundation diploma next with them, I couldn’t think of a better school to learn with! Thanks so much to you all for helping me reach my goals❤️

enjoyable journey – Sophie


5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 02, 2016

I have finished advanced certificate in nutritional counselling. It was very useful and practical with a variety of knowledge. My tutors, Shanron and Melinda were fantastic as I could feel supported from them over the such long distance study. The help from them made me feel that I was not by my own when I met difficulties. Nicole from the admin were wonderful. She has got all the skills for the office work effectively and efficiently. Furthermore, she has got a such good heart to support us for every single query. Finally, I would like to say that even the journey was not easy Shanron, Melinda and Nicole made my dream come true of completing the journey. Big thanks to all of you and love you.

Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Counselling – Veronica


5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 12, 2016

It has been an absolute pleasure completing my studies with Health Academy Australia. I have just completed my Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Counselling and thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it. It was informative, well written and I gained so much knowledge completing the 6 units. 

The kindness and support the team at HAA provides is by far a cut above the rest. My tutors Melinda and Justine were amazing! They provided support, solid feedback and the turnaround time for assignment marking was super speedy. Nicole, the lovely Administ rator was always extremely helpful and quick to answer the millions of questions I always had. Thank you ladies for making my studies fun and extremely rewarding. I would definitely recommend Health Academy Australia if you are interested in starting a career in Health, Nutrition, Counselling etc. You will NOT be disappointed.


MODULE/COURSE NAME: Grief Counselling Course



Was the course a valuable learning experience for you? Why? Yes it was valuable. A lot of questions I had got answered and it explained things through in a nice way. 


Did the course meet your expectations? Please add comments. I didn’t really have any expectations, but I thought it was great. It was a good outcome for me in the end. 


Did you like the way the course was structured (presented)? Please add comments.I think the course was structured well. There was lots of available help if needed. The assignments were good, I love the research parts. 


Were there any parts of the module/unit where you had particular difficulties? Which parts? The part that I found most difficult was what happens to the body when and after someone dies. This was more personal than anything – I just found it quite an emotional part. 

 Joanne – Advanced Certificate in Naturopathy

Health Academy Australia is a wonderful institution to study with. Their communication with students is excellent and their courses are interesting and engaging. I have loved studying with them and am very pleased to have finally completed my Advanced Certificate in Naturopathy.

Therese – Aged Care Counselling

I recently completed my certificate in Aged Care Counselling. I already have a Diploma for Counselling but I want to work in the aged care industry. I wasn’t sure if I would learn a lot. I learned a lot! All about aging and specific issues around aging, strategies I could employ & resources available for support. The tutors and admin were very helpful as well. Well worth the time & investment!

Suha – Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Counselling

I recently got my Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Counselling. It was such a great course full of knowledge & great information. The support of my tutor and the administration team along the course is much appreciated 🙂


These guys are excellent! I’ve done a certificate in my own time, completing work when I can. I have recieved nothing but support from the team, with my tutor offering guidence and feedback. I have nothing but praise and encourage anyone who would like to enter the health industry to contact the team!

Danielle – life coaching course

I completed the life coaching course and found the course to contain useful information. The staff were always supportive and this helped me to competently complete the said course.



Jenny – Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Counselling. 

I want to say a very big  Thank You! I have very much appreciated all the fantastic support and feedback you have given me, for this whole course, It has  been an incredible learning experience for me and one which I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. Health Academy Australia has been a great way to learn and achieve this.I wish to work and continue learning in this promising field of health and well-being