If you are one of those people who are passionate about nutrition, wellness and believe that ‘we are what we eat’, then a career as a Nutrition Coach is ideal for you and you will see success in this industry.

Good nutritional professionals are hard to come by, do you know most doctors have very limited knowledge about nutrition?

In this guide, we will give you all the know how on how to become a certified nutrition coach online today.

Role of a nutrition coach

A nutrition coach is someone who acts as a personal trainer for your nutritional needs, So they assess what the client’s requirements are, analyse what fits best into their lifestyle, advice on their specific nutritional needs, give diet plans and then monitor the progress of the client with regular sessions.

For many people eating is related to their emotional state, so when they are stressed or going through some life changes they resort to bad eating habits. That’s when having a nutrition coach comes in handy, they will help overcome the stress eating and put the client back on the right path and develop good lasting habits.

If you want to work as a nutrition coach the 3 essential things you need is:

  • Deep rooted knowledge of Nutrition and ability to formulate diet plans.
  • Ability to coach clients through their emotional eating and break bad habits
  • Create a support system for the clients so they can continually be supported

How can I become a nutrition coach?

In Australia you can work as a Nutrition coach or consultant with insurance by doing a Certificate course which gives the knowledge and know how to satisfy the above 3 key attributes. You will need to find a certificate which provides with this and also has affiliation with insurance companies who cover you under these titles.

Essentially you need to have sound knowledge of

  • How macronutrients (e.g. proteins, fats and carbohydrates) affect your body
  • What role micronutrients play (e.g. vitamins, minerals)
  • How to effectively balance energy levels, metabolism and caloric intake
  • How to improve digestion
  • How to gain muscle mass or lose fat

While your consulting might focus on weightloss, disease management, fitness or any other niche area, having foundational knowledge about the human body is essential to steering people toward healthier food choices. And continuing education beyond the bare minimum required is simply a great way to become a better coach.

Step by step guide to becoming a Nutrition Coach

  1. Identify what area you would like work and research who will be your prospective clients
  2. Get qualified!
  3. Keep up with changing trends as Nutrition is a rapidly changing industry.
  4. Make a business plan for your consulting business, work out if you want to work online or face to face
  5. Research the pricing in your area and tailor your pricing competitively
  6. Get insured and make sure you are complying with all the regulations
  7. Create a Nutrition Coaching program which is unique and your USP.
  8. Market your services within the right channels
  9. Analyse and Continuously improve
  10. Get feedback

At Health Academy Australia we offer many courses in Nutrition which enables you work in the Nutrition industry in the area you want to.

See below what you are able to call yourself and get covered by insurance to consult for each of the individual qualifications.