Product Description

Learn about preserving food.

Do you remember your mother, or your grandmother making their own delicious jam? Or tasty chutneys and pickles?

Many people have fond memories from the past of homemade preserves, but with the easy accessible ready made products on the supermarket shelves the motivation to make their own has been waning… until now! The value of “home made” is seeing a welcome resurgence, but have we lost the knowledge?

The benefits of food preservation is two-fold – it transforms food into tantalising dishes, and prevents food wastage. Learning these skills are useful for the passionate foodie, the conscious house holder, and the busy mother. Passionate foodies get to learn new ways of creating delicious meals – the basics are explained then you can use your creativity to add your own unique flavour to your preserves. The conscious house holder prevents food wastage, and knows exactly what is in their creations – know sneaky sweeteners, additives or preservatives. The busy mother will learn simple strategies to have flavourful, healthy and easy food on hand for their family.

There are many reasons why we may get involved in preserving food, here are some more:
•    To extend shelf life and become more Self Sufficient
•    Convenience
•    To retain nutritional value
•    To improve flavour of food
•    To reduce food waste
•    To produce gifts for friends
•    To start a business