Product Description

Course Outline:

Health and fitness are two of the many the different words used to describe people being in good condition. There are many different services and products on offer which promise to improve or maintain a state of wellbeing, and any (or all) of these goods and services might be considered to be part of the health and fitness industry. These can include things as variable as medical services through to fitness, sport, recreation and food.

We believe there are three main aspects to health:

  • Emotional or Mental health (Healthy thoughts & attitudes)
  • Structural Health (The health of the body is structurally sound ‑ the bones, muscles, organs etc. are physically in good condition ‑not damaged‑ and are performing the functions they should perform)
  • Chemical Health (The chemicals in our body are correct ‑there are no toxic chemicals‑ the tissues are made up of the appropriate balance of nutrients etc.).

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The Course covers the below topics:

Industry Overview

Modern Lifestyle Problems

Human Nutrition

Healthy Eating

Stress Management

Preventative Health

Alternative Medicine

Basic First Aid

Course Outcome:

Create a resource file of health and fitness related businesses, contacts, services etc.

Interview people to learn how they rate their health and fitness and what they do to improve/maintain them.

Identify ways to overcome a health/fitness problem in your own life.

Identify different food allergies and ways to deal with them.

Identify eating and nutritional disorders and describe possible treatments.

Explain how age, level of activity, gender and other factors affect their dietary needs.

Explain the principle of food combining.

List the effects of alcohol abuse.

Explain how high self-esteem is achieved, and consider positive and negative effects.

Identify services in your area that offer natural therapies and what they entail.

Find out what first aid courses are available in your region, and what is entailed.

List items that should be kept in a basic first aid kit.

Career Options:

Successful completion of this course will complement the following careers:

  • Health Coach
  • Alternative Therapist
  • Wellness Consultant

There are many other possibilities with this versatile course. Many of our students who do this course are Massage Therapists, Naturopaths, Fitness Trainers, Chiropractors, Alternative Therapists or working in the Health and Wellness industries.

Course Duration:

100 hours of Study


The difference between a good course and a bad course lies in the way you are assessed. Our assessments are designed is such a way that the student feels confident to move forward in the course as they complete each assessment. The feedback from the tutor not only reaffirms the student’s learning process but also gives an opportunity to the student to interact with the tutor regularly. Students are never penalised when their assignment work needs to be improved, rather they are given constructive feedback and requested to resubmit the section where they need improvement. Students do their assignment work at their own pace within the course duration and are not restricted by any deadlines which is the beauty of self-paced learning. The assessments will make the certificate achieved more credible and valuable to the student.

This course has approximately 8-10 assignments and 1 exam to complete the course successfully. You can opt out of the exam and receive a Certificate of Participation.

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