Fitness is very essential for the body, especially as we age the body tends to lose muscle, strength and flexibility. This results in injury, lethargy and less stamina.

The good news is that it is never too late to get the body back into shape. The amazing way the human body is designed is that even if you have not done much physical exercise for years, once you start moving the body starts improving and regular exercise for just 6 months can make a massive difference in the body’s fitness levels.

We will now see various ways we can get the body fitter

Set a Goal

Setting a goal is important as this helps you focus on the positive outcome and motivates you to work towards it. Your goal could be to lose weight, just have more energy, build muscle or run a marathon. Only you know what you really want to achieve. Sit back and think about what you really want from your body.

It could be as simple as having the energy to play more with your kids or match your partner’s fitness level so you can both do activities together.

Incorporate it into your Routine

Once you know what you are working towards it is very important to find the right time for you to make it part of your routine. If you don’t get this right you will fall off the bandwagon very quickly. It could be right early in the morning. If you are a late riser then do this after work. If you are busy mum and have to do dinner right after work, then fit it in after dinner maybe while watching your evening TV. If you think about it you will find time. 4 times a week is the minimum you need to aim for.

Find the activity you enjoy

Preference of a physical activity is a very personal choice. One rule does not fit all. Some people might find working out at the gym most enjoyable, while others might find this boring. Some love dancing, while some love the outdoors, think walks on the beach. You might like to do Yoga or Pilates which calm the mind as well while making the body more supple. Finding the right activity helps you to continue the routine without giving up.

Do it with friends

Make it a social outing. Get a bunch of friends who are also interested in getting fit and do the activity together with them. You can help motivate each other and have fun in the process. This way you are not just committing to the activity but also to your friendship group which gets you off the couch and motivates you to get there.


Last but not the least is to get your diet right. Working out regularly is just half the battle the other half is eating the right kind of food. If you are eating foods full of sugar and fat or your diet consists of regular takeaways then any amount of exercise will not help. Ensure that your diet is relatively healthy and balanced. Cut out the processed foods, fizzy drinks, sugary treats. Have 1 day where you can have a cheat day so you can look forward to it. Prepare meals for the week in advance and freeze them so that you will not reach out for the number of your favorite takeaway joint. This will also give you more energy during the week to work out.

Hopefully this article has helped you get an idea how to get started on your fitness regime. Good luck.

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