Turmeric has recently gained lot of importance in the western world for its health benefits and curative properties. Turmeric lattes have become very popular.

Turmeric has been used for remedial, religious and traditional medicine purposes from over a 1000 years in India and South Asia.

In this article let us learn the origins and facts about this ‘Golden Spice’!


Turmeric (Curcuma Longa) belongs to the Ginger family and is believed to be native of Southern India and Indonesia. In India turmeric has become an integral part of not just the cuisine and traditional medicine but also part of tradition and worship. Turmeric is used to worship god and due to its antibacterial properties used as part of the purification of the home and body.

It is used as a spice, beauty product and as a medicine. Turmeric laced milk which is now modernly called Turmeric latte has been used as a cure for colds, for lactating mums and for general health for centuries in Indian homes. It is sometimes consumed along with black pepper, it is a proven fact that black pepper helps absorb turmeric better into the blood stream.

Health Benefits

While Turmeric has been used as part of Ayurvedic medicine over 1000 years it has been recognised in the western world only in the 20th century.

Curcumin is the active ingredient in Turmeric. Few of the proven benefits of Turmeric are:

Anti inflammatory properties

Anti fungal and Antibacterial properties

Aids in the relief of Arthritis

Aids in the treatment of Depression

Helps in delay of ageing

Could help in prevention and cure of Alzheimer’s Disease


To actually get medicinal benefits from Turmeric it is better to take it as a supplement as the active ingredient Curcumin is extracted from the root and made into a supplement. While using it as part of diet can also help, the use should be regular and frequent to see any benefits as there is only 3% of curcumin present in 100 grams of turmeric.


All in all, this Golden Spice deserves all the popularity it has gained as it is truly versatile in its many curative properties and it is believed that this super rhizome has still a lot to offer which has not been discovered. Cheers to those Turmeric lattes!!!

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