Study this course, and within months you can be starting a new career helping others with their health and wellbeing!

What Do They Do?

A weight loss consultant works with clients to come up with a fitness and nutrition regimen that helps them lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Together with the client, your duties revolve around the design and implementation of a program that includes proper diet and exercise. You check in with them regularly, adjusting the program at each step if needed. In addition to helping to design the program, you are also there to provide motivation and accountability to your client. Some weight loss consultants offer one-on-one services while others may provide group services.

Where Can You Work?

Weight Loss Consultants may work in gyms or other fitness or community centres.There is a large call for online weightloss consultants within various businesses such as Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers.

They may also be hired out by individuals and work in private homes or work for an apartment building, hotel, or resort.

The Pay

The average annual income for a Weight Loss Consultant is reported to be AU$50 000, however depending on where you are employed and what industry this can differ.

To give a better indication, the hourly rate on average is AU$25.00

Our Course

The Certified Weight Loss Consultant course consists of three modules, covering the nutrition essentials for weightloss, as well as consulting skills! Upon completion of this course you will be able to gain insurance to practice as a weightloss consultant, where you can provide nutritional advice and create meal plans!

The modules in this course are:
-Nutrition for Weightloss
-Weightloss Consultant Course
-Elective of your choice, enabling you to specialise in a subject area such as Sports Nutrition or Disease Management!

This is a 300 hour self-paced course, you have 2 years to complete the course, however it is completed in 6-9 months on average!

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