Nutrition coursesCathy was in search of finding solutions for her own health issues and wanted to explore studying a course in Nutrition. She did not want to do a degree however wanted something which is comprehensive but still could be completed in her own time.

With a stressful lifestyle, working full time and moving twice the Self-paced and flexible learning option of the Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Counselling suited her well, Cathy says.

Cathy says that her tutor Sally was really helpful.

In Cathy’s own words, “Sally asked me my background which is finance and administration. She highlighted to me that I may find some areas challenging such as the medical areas – she was right! Sally recommended that I do some extra reading on medical terminology, to help me throughout the course. I appreciated that this was mentioned at the beginning of the course and in a way where I wasn’t put off but encouraged to help myself. Sally’s feedback on the assessments was also very positive, even if I had to resubmit, the feedback was always helpful.”

We asked Cathy what she found different with her study with Health Academy Australia to other course providers, Cathy says “I liked that there was a variety of subjects I would be learning and not just 1, without the price of a degree or left with a hex debt! My trainer also taught me how to conduct my own research for future reading, and where & how to find reliable resources”

While Cathy originally did this for personal knowledge, along the way she was inspired and was encouraged to look working and helping others at a health centre which she will be pursuing.

We wish Cathy all the very best for all her aspirations and feel very happy that the course has inspired her to pursue a career in nutrition and wellness.

You can check out the course details for the Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Counselling here.