Who can work as a Counsellor?

You would be surprised but anyone can offer counselling services in Australia without a formal qualification, however it would be really hard to get insurance to cover you if you have no formal qualifications.

Who can be a successful counsellor?

If you have the skill to be able to listen, analyse the situation and advise in a non-biased way, and have a patient empathetic manner you will normally make a good counsellor.

Where does counselling play a role?

Counselling skills are required in various job positions and are not limited to just working as a full pledged counsellor.

The ability to counsel people is a major advantage for people who manage people, Work with children and young adults, At Job recruitment centers, At weightloss centers and actually for anyone working in consulting as well.

There are various approaches to counsel people from different age groups, backgrounds and cultures. People need a counselor when they are experiencing traumatic situations like Greif, divorce, Crisis, Career changes to name a few.

What is a starting point?

Doing a short course or a short certificate course in counselling would be a great starting point to see if counselling is a career option for you. If you are already working in schools, recruitment agencies, consulting services doing a counselling course which will complement your current job will give you a major advantage to grow in your career.

Do our courses qualify you for getting Insurance?

Yes if you do a Certificate course or above with us you can get insurance to consult.

Do our courses have pathways into higher education?

You can get credits into the Diploma of Counselling as well as Bachelors in Health sciences.