The Natural Therapy industry has seen a humongous growth in the past 10 years. It has grown over 50%. That is massive. It is not surprising though that this growth has happened. More and more people are turning towards natural ways of feeling good, staying healthy both psychologically and physically. Natural therapies normally have much less side effects than allopathic medicine which makes them very attractive to many. Many Natural therapies aim to treat the cause of the condition rather than just the symptoms which also make them a attractive alternative.

Natural therapies are a broad classification and there are many modalities which come into this umbrella. Many natural therapists practice 2 -3 forms of therapies which complement each other. For example a massage therapist can combine aromatherapy and acupressure into their practice. A reiki healer might also provide life coaching advice to their clients.

There is also a big advantage of working in the natural therapy industry as most therapists work for themselves which gives them the flexibility to maintain a healthy work life balance. For example one of our advanced certificate in nutritional counselling graduate says that she work about 25-30 hours a week consulting about 30 clients and tailors her consultations to when her kids are at school. So she has the luxury to work 9.00-3.00 and she loves it.

We heard from another graduate of ours who works as a mobile practitioner. She goes to clients homes or offices to give naturopathic advice which saves her from the overheads of having her own rooms and gives her the flexibility to work around her lifestyle.

We had a fitness professional who studied nutrition with us and does a 30 minute nutritional consult with her client after their PT session.

One of our graduates was a massage therapist and as she constantly tries to relieve people of their stress, she wanted to do some counselling and life coaching with her clients so she studied the Certificate in counselling with us with a life coaching elective to enable her to do this.

The possibilities are endless.

The top few career options are:



Massage therapist


Life Coaching





There are many more options than the list above. It depends on which path you would like to take and how you want to tailor to your career needs.

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