There are major changes happening in the Natural Health Industry in Australia.

From December 2015 students cannot enrol in the Nationally recognised Advanced Diplomas in Nutritional Medicine, Natural Health and Western Herbal Medicine. The Australian government has decided to discontinue these qualifications leaving the students no option in the VET industry to study these subjects. All is not lost though students still have the option of studying Industry recognised qualifications and practice as a Natural Therapist or a Nutritionist fully insured. The only difference is that the practitioners will not be able to provide health fund rebates to their clients.

When a practitioner provides health fund rebates they charge at least double the amount of what a practitioner who does not provide health fund rebate charges, leaving the client with a gap payment. So the client pays almost the same amount out of pocket.

Only students who have completed a Bachelor’s degree will be eligible to provide private health fund rebates. If you are not prepared to commit to a Bachelor’s degree you can do the courses like the Foundation Diploma in Natural Health, Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Counselling, Advanced Certificate in Natural Health and practice as a insured Natural health therapist, Nutritionist, Nutrition Coach or Nutrition Advisor. These qualifications also have pathways into a Bachelor’s degrees with our partners. The Bachelor’s degree does cost at least 10 times more than these qualifications and needs a subtantial amount of commitment time and effort wise. While these courses require lesser commitment they are however extremely comprehensive so the student feels confident by the time they graduate.

If you would like some advice on which pathway is best for you please feel free to call us on 07 5689 1500 or email us on and our friendly course consultant will be happy to assist you with unbiased advice.