Who are Dental Assistants? What do they do?

A Dental Assistant is someone who assists the Dentist while they are performing procedures on the patients. They are like nurses but trained just to assist the dentists. So they are also called dental nurses. A dental assistant also gets trained to manage other things like administration, hygiene, sterilization of equipment among other duties.

Career progression for dental assistants

Dental assistants can also become practice managers as they learn all the aspects of practice management as well while working as a dental assistant.

Is a Dental Assisting career for me?

Dental assistants enjoy great pay rates (between $25-$30 per hour), working in health care environments without having to undergo intensive training like hospital nurses, are in demand and have good career progression. They also enjoy interaction with clients and job satisfaction like nurses as they also look after patients though it is restricted to dental patients.

If these advantages sound good then it is a suitable career for you.

How can I become a Dental Assistant?

To become a Certified Dental Assistant you can do the Certificate III in Dental Assisting with us. This is a nationally recognised government qualification.

Why do the course with Health Courses Australia?

The point of difference of studying with us is that we can place you in one of the dental practices we have affiliation with. The placement is for 6 weeks and it gives you a great advantage of experiencing working in a real dental practice. This work experience is invaluable and will be a major advantage for you when you start applying for jobs and working. While you are doing your placement there will be a dental nurse with you at all times explaining everything and letting you gain some hands on experience.

Feel free to talk to us if this is something you would like to learn more about.

Health Courses Australia Team.