This Easter long weekend, As all of us will be at home, We wanted to share with you all delicious, nutritious recipes you can do with your kids, also many /Games/Activities/exercises you can do with your kids or families during this time.
We promise you, you will find something interesting to do from below to keep you all occupied and entertained.

Healthy Nutella Recipe

1 cup hazelnuts
1/3 cup maple syrup
1 heaping tbsp cinnamon
1/3 cup raw cacao powder
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/8 tsp sea salt
1/3 cup almond milk
Process hazelnuts in a food processor or coffee grinder with until very fine.
Then process on a medium speed while adding one ingredient at a time: maple syrup, cinnamon, cacao powder, vanilla, sea salt and almond milk.  Stop the food processor if needed to scrape sides down. Process until all ingredients are well combined.

Once completed, taste the spread.  And add ingredients to suit your liking and give the food processor another whirl with your addition… for example a little extra raw cacao for a richer chocolate flavour, more cinnamon or more almond milk to thin it out if desired.  A little extra sea salt can be added for those who love that sweet and salty flavour.
This spread can be used to top plain rice cakes, fruit of all kinds (apples, bananas, peaches, pears, berries) and Ezekiel bread (sprouted grain bread).  Now I can see this spread being a great part of a healthy breakfast or snack!

Overnight Oats


·        3⁄4 cup water
·        1⁄3 cup organic rolled oats
·        1 tsp chia seeds
·        1 tsp raw honey
·        1⁄2 tsp cinnamon
·        1⁄2 tsp real vanilla extract
·        1⁄4 tsp lemon juice

Nuts and seeds for topping: sunflowers seeds, pumpkin seeds, nuts of your choice
1 scoop of protein powder – optional but it will give you some extra energy!
Combine all ingredients, except protein powder, in a glass jar or container with a lid. Seal, shake and refrigerate until the next morning. Then add 1 scoop of a high quality protein powder and mix well. Top up with a handful of berries, cut pineapple or papaya and/ or sprinkle with nuts and seeds.

Prepare this meal the night before or make a bigger batch and you’ll have a healthy breakfast ready to have for the next couple of days.

Seed, Nuts, Fruit & Yoghurt

·       2 tbsp flaxseeds
·       1 tbsp sesame seeds
·       ½ tbsn pumpkin seeds
·       1.2 tbsp sunflower seeds
·       200g organic pot set yoghourt
·       6 walnut halves
·       1 piece of chopped fruit
·       1 tspn raw cacao, maca or protein powder

Put flaxseeds, pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds into a coffee grinder, grind until smooth. Place yoghurt in a bowl, add walnut pieces and the seed mixture. Combine all ingredients, add a bit of water to achieve a creamy consistency.

Cut papaya or other fruit into pieces and add to the mixture either as a topping or mix everything together. Sprinkle with cinnamon for extra antioxidant and blood sugar balancing boost.

Easter Coconut Balls

-200mls tin Condensed milk
– 300 gms of dedicated coconut
– 150 gms Roasted almonds finely chopped (optional)
-Take a medium to big sized pan
-Put all the condensed milk
And half of the coconut
-Put it on stove on medium heat ( just to mix it )
-Turn the heat off
-Cool it
-Add chopped nuts
-Make balls and roll it in remaining coconut !
-Ready to eat !
Use 2-3 different food colours in Easter colours can be added to make them look a colourful Easter theme. They can be shaped like eggs too.

Chocolate Free Easter Egg Balls

Think soft, gooey cookie dough textures balls of yum!

400 g soft dates
3 Tablespoons (18 g) carob powder
3 Tablespoons (45 ml) coconut oil, melted
1/4 cup (20 g) unsweetened shredded coconut

Place the dates, carob powder, and melted coconut oil into a mini food processor and blitz until well combined.

  1. Take Easter Egg size balls (about 1 tablespoon) and mould them in your palms, gently rolling and patting into shape.
  2. Roll them in shredded coconut and use your hands to ‘press’ the coconut gently onto the surface.
  3. Place the tray into the fridge for about 30 minutes to firm up.
  4. Store covered in the fridge.

Making a Flower Frame

Get a canvas, any size or shape what you prefer.
*glue gun and it’s sticks
* artificial flowers from Stacks, silly sollys or choice discount stores
*scissors to cut those flowers from their stems, be careful as sometimes it can pull the inner bud of flower and rip the flower (if it happens, just glue it back in same order as the flower was initially).
Just use your imagination to place the flowers/ leaves etc.. tada it’s ready. You can make some holes with a skewer to dig the flowers in canvas and glue on the back side (around the little stem that’s poking out at the back) or put glue on canvas and stick flowers/ leaves etc.

Avocado Pudding

4 big Avocados
200 ml cream
200 ml milk
1 big bar white chocolate
2 tablespoons gelatin to set
Sugar as per taste
Warm milk, cream and add white chocolate to it, once melted, sugar, and add pureed avocados. Mix well.add the gelatin,mix thoroughly and set for 6-8 hours in the refrigerator.

Excercise Challenge

List Of Fun Activities

Here are some fun activities you can do with kids:
Chalk Drawing – Kids can draw on the driveway with colourful chalk and colour in too.
Starting a veggie patch – Best time for it.
Paint a cubby house or any other outside wooden structure in the backyard
Get kids to Wash and Detail car for a small fee
Dress ups
Make up lesson
The below Link has many more activities! Enjoy!
For Adults:
Master a skill you always wanted to but never had time
Crochet is an activity that is something most ages can achieve – my kids all started with bookmarks and have moved onto beanies and scarves – it is a lot easier than knitting ( in my opinion !) … and there are so many great tutorials online to get you started … you can usually buy the supplies easily ( even big w stocks the hooks)

Online Courses – Always a great idea to start a short course which helps you with your current career or future career prospects. No better time than.