The current times are so uncertain, it is playing havoc on people’s mental health. We have many people anxious in many ways.

To mention a few:

  • Uncertainly with jobs and income
  • Scared of getting locked out of own    homes
  • Scared of getting the virus
  • Helplessness or feeling of no control over ever changing government policies causing dramatic impact on people’s lives
  • Unable to see family overseas
  • Separation from close family from more than 1 year giving a sense of doom or doubts that they might never see them.
  • A feeling of loss of freedom

To deal with these anxieties we have to start focusing on the positives which might help replace the negative feelings within us and bring a sense of gratitude which helps alleviate the anxieties.

Ask these questions to yourself:

  • Do I have a loving family around?
  • Is everyone in the family healthy and happy?
  • Is there enough money to put food on the table and roof over the head?
  • Are you able to spend time with friends?
  • Are you able to have fun times with family and friends?

If you have answered yes to most of these questions, then you are in a better place than many.

Also knowing that you are not alone in this, and everyone is going through the same situation also helps.

Another way to cope is to keep mentally challenged. Watching Netflix does not count. Pick up a hobby, do a course which you always wanted to, stay physically active by exercising.

If you are currently unable to go out of your home due to restrictions, Fortunately the covid world also catapulted the virtual world right into our homes.

There are opportunities pretty much to do anything from the comfort of your home.

To name a few:

·        Dance classes

·        Music classes

·        Exercise sessions with a trainer

·        Studying a course 100% online and either gain a qualification or do it for self enhancement

·        Make up lessons

There is an online option for pretty much anything. Keep going and stay strong and this will pass too.

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