What are Professional Development Courses?

These can be shorter courses which will help you in your profession to progress, stay updated with your skills or add an additional skill to your current skill set which complement your current job or career.

Many a time the difference between you getting that much coveted job among hundreds of applications could just be that additional skillset you have which your peers might not. This gives you an edge and helps employers pick you amongst the many applications they receive.

It also shows that you are a competent individual who is passionate about self-development which in turn contributes towards your profession or job.

Other major advantages of doing a short course are:

  • It gives you immense confidence to put yourself forward.
  • It gives you the chance to reconnect with your cohort while studying
  • Access an expert in the field who can help you through the course
  • Gives you new ideas which you might not have normally thought about
  • Might give you a raise in your salary
  • If entering a new industry gives you a chance to test the waters before taking the plunge

In fact, many industries and organisations insist that their employees participate in continuing education to further themselves and make it a mandatory requirement.

Unfortunately, when you work for yourself, you put this on the back burner, which will in turn lead to you not being able to stay in the lead in your profession.

With the rapid changes happening in most industries and especially health care/health and well being keeping up with your knowledge and skills has become a necessity if you want to stay ahead of the pack. The easiest way to do this is to do a short course which will enhance your profession or job and add to your current skillset.

The tax office also recognises this need and rewards people who take that step by making it a tax-deductible expense.

At Health Academy Australia and Health Courses Australia we offer a range of short courses in all modalities we offer like: