Are you happy with your current job?

Are you happy with the direction you are going in your job?

Do you feel you lack confidence?

Do you feel your skills lie somewhere else?

If you answered yes to any of the above, keep reading…

The 5 ways to enhance your lifestyle, Job and Confidence

1. Make a List: Sit down and make a list of what you think your strong skills, interests and strengths are and also what you don't like doing or feel you are not good at but do it as part of your job. Once you get a clear understanding of your strengths and weaknesses check if your job includes most of your strengths. If the answer is no then this won't keep you happy for long. It is time to do something about it now. A course is always the first step towards this change as it gives you the confidence, credibility and knowledge to change direction.

2. Flexibility: Do you hate a standard 9-5 job? Would you like flexibility in your job? Do you have kids and would like to work around their schedules? If the answer is yes, working for yourself might be the answer. You can then pick and choose your hours around your lifestyle. To work for yourself you don't have to start a business on a large scale. It could be as simple as consulting from home, providing services online or doing some contract work for someone but still picking and choosing your hours. We have many of our past students do this; we have courses like Advanced Certificate in Nutritional CounsellingAdvanced Certificate in CounsellingCertified Weightloss Consultant and many more short courses which will enable you to do this. 

3. Upgrade your skills: With technology and industries changing so rapidly it is very important that you stay current with your skills. Otherwise you will fall behind and will find that getting that dream job is much harder. You don't have to go to University to upskill. There are many short courses available which could be done completely online giving you the flexibility to upskill while you work at your own pace. All the courses we offer are self paced and completely done via distance so you can get up to date with your qualifications without sacrificing your income.

4. Choose an education not just qualification: Ensure the course you choose gives you not just a qualification but prepares you for the real world. This is very important as that will be the difference between you and the person next to you with the same qualification. Employers like to employ people not just based on their qualification but also on the level of confidence the candidate exhibits so they can be assured that the candidate is capable of performing the job. We pride ourselves in the content of our courses which prepare you for the real world with many practical set tasks and advice and guidance from tutors who are actually working in the industry themselves and not just rusty academics.

5. Become an asset to your employer not a liability: Employers love and value employees who are prepared to stretch themselves beyond the call of duty. They would like their employees to be proactive and show that extra bit of responsibility and ownership than just do what is told. This will give the employer confidence to leave the job in the safe hands of the employee. Employers employ staff so that they can share their responsibility with the staff and use the free time elsewhere more productively. If the entire time the employer is consumed with managing staff, this becomes more of a liability than added value. If an employer sees you as an asset they will be prepared to keep you with them at any cost.

We wish you good luck for a very successful year ahead. 

Vahini Panda is a qualified Nutritionist with a Masters degree in E commerce. Vahini has extensive experience in Online Education, E Marketing and E Commerce. She managed many succssful organisations in her experience and currently manages Health Academy Australia and Health Courses Australia.