Nutrition is a very broad area. The focus is shifting more and more on good nutrition as it is now a proven fact that bad food choices cause many health issues. Due to the influence of all the processed, GM foods we have available which are tasty and convenient knowing to choose the food which nourishes and keeps your body in good health is more and more important.

This has seen an increased need for professionals who have the knowledge, passion and expertise in Nutrition who can guide people with their food choices and also tailor diet plans for them which become part of their life styles rather than a short-term solution. Diets which become part of your eating habits are the only ones which will work for you. It is training your mind and body to make good food choices and stick to them. This is where a Nutrition advisor or a counsellor will make a big difference.

We get the question from prospective students and current students what they can work as once they complete the course.

We have found in the past that students who have done our Nutrition courses are working as:

  • Nutrition Advisor
  • Food Coach
  • Nutritionist
  • Nutritional counsellor
  • Weight loss coach
  • Weight loss consultant
  • Nutritional supplements officer
  • Health food store manager
  • Health food store worker
  • Weight loss supplements advisor
  • Food blogger
  • Online Nutrition counselling services
  • Online Nutrition Consultant
  • Fitness instructors who advice on nutrition as part of their services
  • Beauty/Massage therapists who advice on nutrition
  • Alternative therapists who do diet plans and nutrition advice
  • Natural therapists who do diet plans and Nutrition advice
  • Motivational mentor for weight loss programs

There are many other possibilities depending on your initiative and drive. The course provides you with the knowledge and confidence to go do what you are passionate about. Our students are also able to register with IICT and get insurance to consult or practice.

If you are able to understand the client’s needs and help them improve themselves and be a support system through their journeys you will have success with your business. A happy client who achieved their dreams and goals are your best marketing tools. The work satisfaction you get out of their success is the cherry on the top which will keep you going. To achieve this along with solid knowledge and understanding of Human Nutrition, the right attitude, ability to listen and understand and making your client feel you are always there for them is also important.

If the client feels you don’t care then even if you are an expert in the area they will not come back. They are giving you an insight into their personal space so it is important as their Nutrition counsellor you respect that space and make them feel that you will personally take interest in their journey and help them achieve their goals.

All the best.