Foods to watch:

Fatty cuts of meat

Keep an eye on how you cook them, if you using lots of oil then it compunds the problem. Grilled or pan fried is fine, just watch the amount of oil you are using. Eat only lean meat like chicken breast, fish, prawns, lean lamb in moderation (best is diced with no fat visible)


Only used extra virgin olive oil or vegetable oils to cook, don’t eat any deep fried foods other than as an occasional indulgence (monthly once), measure the amount of oil you are using to cook. A 1 litre oil should last you for a month if you are watching oil consumption. Deep fry only in canola or sunflower oil (check that the oil has zero transfat, this is on the label)

Animal fats

Cream, butter, greek yogurt (full fat), cheese

All Refined/processed foods

Biscuits, cakes, any store bought snacks

Portion Control

Above all portion control Is vital. You can eat all carbohydrates in moderation (think a small cup or 5 tablespoons), I would suggest this rather than avoiding. Same with meat, watch the portion size.


Foods to eat:

Fatty fish like Tuna and Salmon

Nuts like walnuts, almonds and peanuts again in moderation, a portion is the amount which fits in a match box, only 2 portions max per day


Again limit to half a day as it is high in fat, yes it is good fat but it will not help you lose weight if you are also trying to lose weight.

All fibrous vegetables and fruit especially eggplant, okra, leafy greens, apples, grapes, citrus


The top most thing found in studies to lower cholesterol is light regular exercise, so walking for 30 min 3-4 times a week will give you excellent results.