What is a Medical Receptionist?

Medical receptionists perform much of the administrative duties associated with a doctor’s offices and hospitals.

Medical receptionists’ tasks will generally include answering the telephone, filing medical records, completing insurance forms, scheduling appointments/follow-ups with patients, billing, bookkeeping, and greeting patients upon arrival.

In many practices especially smaller ones Medical receptionist also double up as the marketing person for the practice, they also will have to deal with patients who are distressed many times with illness or pain.

Job Opportunities

Qualified Medical Receptionists are extremely sought after in the industry for positions in Hospitals, Specialist Clinics, General Practitioner Offices and for various other Health Professionals including Physios, Dieticians, Psychiatrists and Psychologists.

Rewarding Career

The career of a Medical Receptionist can be very rewarding as it a job where you are helping people on a regular basis. If you are empathetic, organised and a patient person who enjoys helping people and make them feel better this is a role which might suit you.

Expected Salary

The average medical receptionist salary in Australia is $57,769 per year or $29.63 per hour.

Entry level positions start at $52,650 per year while most experienced workers make up to $68,256 per year!

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